Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Customizing Customs

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Personalize that Package
In this day and age, you can have anything you want, however you want it. You can virtually build your own car, there are about 1.7 million DIY tricks for everything you could possible imagine, and we are constantly saying things like “skim, iced, no onions, extra cheese,” etc. So if you can be this picky with driving, decorating, and eating, you should also be able to customize another human custom – marriage.
When you hire a coordinator, more likely that not, they’re going to be with you throughout the year leading up to the wedding. At the very least, they’ll be touching base with you until it’s time for them to plan the day, and at the most, they will basically be your best friend/fairy god-planner that goes poof and finds you the awesome baker, best venue, and insanely cool d├ęcor. Unfortunately, many planners only provide these two options on either end of the planning spectrum, with nothing in between.
A healthy portion of customizable packages should be provided by your coordinator when cooking up your big day (I don’t know how I got into these metaphors but let’s roll with it). Choices are a regular part of a stress-free bride’s wedding diet and if the planner you’re working with can’t provide you with any wiggle room, you’ll feel like a big stuffed sausage throughout the whole process. If you can assertively tell that barista at Starbucks that she LEFT OUT YOUR EXTRA ESPRESSO and you specifically said NO WHIPPED CREAM, then you can stand up for making your day (and the planning process) exactly what you want it to be – no more, no less.
So on that note, head on over to to check out our vast planning “menu.”
Nailed the food metaphors.

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