Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Off Season is On Point

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May and October are the most popular months to get married, because those months are the wonderful spaces in between melting out of your dress and having to wear tights underneath.
No one ever talks about the benefits of getting married in the off season, namely the middle of summer and winter, but they exist. Let’s review them:
 A) Your fussiest relatives probably won’t come. As we all know, difficult aunts and grumpy uncles live to complain about the weather, so if you haven’t sent them a Christmas card in a few years and then you set your date for July or January, you have just saved yourself a whole lot of stress.
B) You save money. Many vendors, like venues and planners, give discounts in the off-season because they need to fill the gaps in their business year. This is especially true for destination wedding locations (ahem, Savannah) that have big spikes of activity and then get quiet for a few months.
C) Your beach wedding can actually be warm enough at which to swim, and your winter wedding might end up being white – both of which are romantic.
D) Your dress can be seasonal – some might point fingers at a short dress in April but absolutely no one could blame you for it in June. Similarly, winter weddings encourage long-sleeved dresses or cute bolero jackets, which can cover up all the cookies and mashed potatoes that went straight to the back of everyone’s arms during the holidays.
E) Most of your friends should be able to come – their springs and falls will be packed with other couples’ nuptials and besides, summer and winter are both prime seasons for throwing parties.

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