Friday, October 22, 2010

Ask Morgan: How to classify guests by age to give final counts

Question: Hi Morgan, I am trying to figure out how to give my caterer the final counts to get my final bill from the bartender, caterer and rental company, but don't know how to classify my guests. Some are too young to drink but too old for kid’s meals, some are too young to eat at all but need a booster, and some adults that are old enough to drink, don't drink----HELP. Thanks! Angela

Answer: Hi Angela! I know that giving final counts can be confusing but that is why you have a wedding planner right! It is super important that you get your RSVP’s back in time to get all of these handled yourself and updated contracts if you don’t have a wedding planner. If you do, they should take care of all of it! We always tell our clients the following:


0-3 Kids-Parents usually will bring something with them or feed off their plates. No need to include them in this count.

4-12 Kids Meals-Chicken Tenders, Pizza, etc. Your wedding planner and caterer should go over the options with you and remind you that they are much cheaper than your adult meals.

13 and Up- Adult Meal unless the younger kids as for a kids meal specifically Signature Drink

For the bar:

21 and over guests-Drinking

Guests that don't drink or are pregnant, your bar vendor will classify these guests as 21 and under (sodas, juice, non-alcoholic)


You will need to check with parents about what their kid’s seating requirements are. Normally if they can sit up at a table you might need a highchair or a booster chair. They do not need a full place setting though. So you can take them out of the glass, charger, silverware, and china count.  You should still leave room for them at a table though. There needs to be room for a stroller if need be.

I hope this helps!