Friday, October 29, 2010

How to do red on a bridal party without looking like Christmas vomited on them.

Okay, I am just gonna come out and say it, red rarely looks ah-mazing on a bridesmaid dress, especially when you throw on a black or even worse champagne sash. The popular fall/winter scheme of red and black is just juvenile! I mean, think about how dated white, red, and black is. It reminds me of my grandparents basement, for reals!! No bueno. There has been quite a few red bridesmaid dresses on the cat walk lately and I am really digging the look. I want to show you a few of my favorite gowns and to tell you how I would style it to feel fresh and unique.

The Dresses. All Left to Right.

Page 1. Amsale, Amsale, ABS by Allen Schwartz. red.001

Page 2. Jenny Yoo, Lazaro, Jim Hjelm. red.002

Page 3. Taylor, Trina

Page 4. Halston Heritage, Cut25, JCrew. red.004

Page 5. All Melissa Sweet! red.005

Now here’s the thing, when picking shoes stay far away from black or beige or forest green or navy or white. Make it a sophisticated palette with sexy shimmer metallics. Think goldy, champagney, pewtery colors.  BUT NO CHAMPAGNE SASH. No sashes at all if you can help it. You want the shoes to be pretty and interesting, but at the same time very simple.


When it comes to colors to pair with it, I think keeping things warm is the best bet. Lots of oranges and yellows. I also dig a pale pink thrown in the mix. It’s all about finding colors that seem easy. Nothing too contrasting or bold. I think people assume because black goes with everything you should use it to accent your red wedding and that really isn’t the case. I mean these are all my own personal opinions which doesn’t mean that it’s the end-all be-all of wedding fashion... pretty close, but... there’s always an exception to every rule. Even my fashion rules. Shocking, I know.

red.007Until we meet again, stay bridal and avoid anything that evokes a Christmas card circa 1994.