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How to fit into your perfectly altered wedding gown after the holidays.

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So be honest, how many slices of pie did you have for Thanksgiving? Two? Three? Have you totally had to bust out the stretchy pants? I live in leggings during the holidays, but some of us aren’t so lucky for those who have to be fabulous brides during or after the holiday months here are a few pieces of advice to keep you happy and fabulous.

I am by no means fitness or dietary specialist, but I do exercise and diet A LOT, so please consult your doctor before experimenting with any diet or exercise regime. I love reading about the new fad in dieting or trying a new workout. If you read fitness magazines, like me, they can sometimes seem repetitive and I think that for the most part that is because the basics of being healthy don’t change, eat right, sleep right, drink water, and exercise. And why should this change at the holidays? So here is just a few things I have learned through reading and practice to help you stay trim even when there are freaking delicious baked goods everywhere you turn!

What the heck do I eat at a party?

First, If you know that there is going to be food at a function, do yourself a favor and eat beforehand. That will make it much less likely that you will stray. If you do decide to snack, stick with veggies and hummus, olives, any kind of non-fried lean protein, like chicken satay or shrimp cocktail sans cocktail sauce. If the guests are bringing snacks do yourself a favor and be the one to bring a “healthy” dish, then you will know for sure there is something that you can eat. Stay away from cheese, chips, diary based dips, the bread basket, fried foods, sad, I know, but you will totally be thanking me.

holiday rut.001Now if it’s a sit down dinner, don’t be rude, but stick to the protein and veggies, and you can always very politely ask your host when you RSVP that if possible your food be cooked without butter or copious amounts of oil. Also, dress your own salad with a dash of olive oil and some lemon juice. 

So another waistline destroyer is a party fave. Alcohol. I mean I’m not a drinker so it’s really easy for me to just say, don’t, but I understand enjoying a cocktail or glass of whatever, so the best advice I can offer is have one and make it really, really good. A glass of a great wine, or a superbly mixed cocktail without any sugary mixes, or a great top shelf liquor on ice. I get a club soda, which has 0 calories with lime, I feel included and stay skinny. BAR ALERT: Club soda and tonic water are not the same!!! Tonic has 83 calories in one 8 oz serving!!!!! It’s the same as food really you just have to have self control. Sucks, I know.

Oh, the sweets!!!

I have a sweet tooth, well hell, I have an everything tooth, but when it comes to sweets I rarely can tell the difference between the real deal and healthy option! So make the healthy option. Women’s Health December Issue has a great article about how to cook sweets with smarter more health and weight conscious ingredients. And when you can’t be the one making the cookies, be smart and avoid the hub cap sized double fudge, double nut chocolate cookie...I know it looks good, but 1 of those babies can pack as much as 500 calories!!! That’s a meal! Go for a gingerbread man, or a pizzelle...and have only one. If you have never had homemade pizzelles I want you to try them, so good. They are large, very thin Italian cookies. My Lord, I am like 6 years old again, just thinking about them. They are huge so you feel like you are getting way more cookie and bonus they average about 80 calories a cookie. Pour a cup of joe and you are in business with an 85 calorie snack. awesome.

it’s cold, I don’t want to work out!!

holiday rut.002I’m with you! I hate working out in less than perfect weather conditions, even when I’m in the gym! But it’s worth it. I need to be listening to my own advice. The most important thing is to get moving, even if it’s just walking everywhere possible. I read somewhere a chick slept in her workout clothes and all she had to do was roll out of bed and was ready to go. Just don’t let yourself be talked out of going. Jump start your workout with a bit of cardio, 5 minutes is enough to get your blood pumping, and then head to the weights. I don’t know why so many women are scared of lifting, trust me, you will not get scary buff. Your body just doesn’t work that way, but you will get toned and skinny. Plus, the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns simply by being a couch potato. I like to work upper and lower body on separate/alternating days, but if I can mix a few, then that’s always helpful. Abs are the one muscle group that can be worked daily, so if your up for it, throw in a circuit of 3 abdominal exercises and do 3 reps of each. Utilize the internet when looking for new and effective workouts,,,,, etc.  Also, at most gyms you are usually given one free work out with a trainer, use it, pay attention and “borrow” their exercises. WARNING: DO NOT sign up for a gym trainer!!! It is a mistake. If you want to go the route of a personal trainer, hire an independent, trust me, you will thank me. It’s like the difference between mass production and handmade, my trainer could barely remember my name and was constantly complaining about being underpaid by the man, all of the other trainers were equally downtrodden. Trust me, the smaller independents will give you better deals with no sneaky contracts to sign.

but I don’t want to go to bed.

Tough, you need to!!! Sleep is sooo important when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I don’t have much to say about that, other than try and get the best sleep possible by taking computers and televisions out of the bedroom. In studies, it’s been proven that those who slept without electronics on had better more effective sleep. I have read that we need 6, 7, 8, or as much as 9 hours of sleep, so I’m not sure who’s right, but I like a good solid 8 hours with 6 being the minimum, anything less and I look like a swamp monster.

So this was just a little fun, I love talking about this stuff and it feels good to feel good. I never feel better than when I am eating right, sleeping right, and staying active. Major bonus you will still fit in your wedding dress after the holidays. Now remember, this is for maintaining your weight before the wedding...don’t lose too much, your dress will be too big and your bra will show in 75% of the pictures...I’m speaking from experience ladies. Trust me. Please ask questions or share your favorite stay fit tip below.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and break a sweat, it feels soooo good.


Thanks to Shape, Oxygen, Women’s Health for photos and info.

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