Tuesday, June 4, 2013

{tips & tricks} TUESDAY :: the afternoon ceremony.

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last week, we discussed the pros & cons of a morning ceremony. 

an afternoon ceremony {one that starts between 12 and 4pm, in my definition} has many of the same benefits and detriments with a few key differences: 

{} you have a bit more time for pre-wedding activities, especially if your ceremony is at 2pm or later. no need to wake up pre-7am for you! 

{} brunch-food is always an option, but it wouldn't be strange to serve afternoon tea rather than an actual meal at your reception. even just doing heavy hors d'oeuvres would cut down on food costs and suit the time of day just fine! 

{} you have so much more time after your reception to spend with your new spouse - chill out in your fancy accommodations that you likely splurged on for the night before heading out to a nice dinner for just the two of you to enjoy as husband & wife!

{} some people may not be all about the drinks & dancing earlier in the day, so it may not have a crazy party vibe that you want... but maybe that's not what you want for your wedding anyway. also, be advised: if you're partying it up and providing the drinks and entertainment, your guests will go with the flow. trust me!

{} you won't have as much time pre-wedding as you would if you had a later ceremony. that is, you'll have plenty of time for breakfast and getting your hair and makeup done without having to wake up 'ere the rooster crows, but you won't have enough time to play a round of golf {unless you're a reeeeally early riser} or spend a day of luxury at the spa. 

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there you have it, brides and grooms! so what do you think? would you consider having an afternoon ceremony? let me know in the comments! 



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