Friday, July 3, 2009

How to find the perfect hair accessory and wear it right.

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I have discussed hair jewelry before, but due to its popular demand and my continued quest to rid the world of bridal tiaras, I have decided to revisit the topic. I usually search the internet high and low when it comes time to show you a variety or anything, shoes, jewels, etc. But I have learned a valuable lesson that I have shared with you many times,! There really isn’t any reason to look anywhere else for hair pieces. You can find tons of amazing options and varieties for unbelievable prices, in fact all of the jewels I have found are under 100 dollars. Trust me you have to weed through some unbelievable crap, but it is totally worth it.

Hairpieces again.002 Flowers and Feathers I think that trends are something that everyone should be cautious of on the wedding day, but I am absolutely in love with the flowers/feather look.This look is not just for island affairs anymore, it is showing up at all types of weddings. I think it is dynamic and sexy, plus, it can be done at many levels of dramatic from small orchid clips to giant gardenias with feathers. It’s all about remaining in your comfort zone.

Hairpieces again.003 Headbands These chic accessories are every where now, it’s not just prep school tweens wearing them. I think that they are a sophisticated way to keep hair out of your face and adorn your hair. Headbands are quickly replacing the my opinion not fast enough, but still this is an amazing way to give you that regal look without looking like a Disney character vomited on your head.

Hairpieces again.001Barrettes and Clips These are such an easy way to add pizazz to your do. They aren’t fussy or overbearing, but give you just that  little bit of sparkle that every girl needs. There is such a wide variety of barrettes to choose from and the placement options are endless. I love barrettes hidden within the intricate work of a messy updo. It’s like a little surprise for the camera, when it catches the light and sparkles up all of your photos, love it.

Hairpieces again.004Adorned Veils Now I know that this is not a look for everyone, but for those who dare to be brave I think it is an amazing look, that I totally wish I would’ve rocked...I can’t wait for my next wedding... I love that the veil has a little bit of bling, so that when/if you remove the veil for the reception you still have some adornment left.

Hairpieces again.006 I have added some photos of real brides so that you can see the proper placement of these pieces. You don’t want hair jewels to distract from your face, so as you can see with most clips or barrettes you want to keep them low and back in your hairdo. So please, if you have photos to offer or anything to add, please let us know. Hairpieces again.005

My Favorite Etsy designers: QuirkyBeauty, VirginiaGeigerJewels, BrendasBridalVeils, AnneMichelleHeirlooms, EMBridal, Portobello, BeadFloraJewels, EttiePenelliBelle, RomancingTheBling, YJdesign, PowderBlueBijoux, BethanyLorelle, Shacara, TheBitsyBean.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and remember tiaras are reserved for Miss Georgia Peach, 8 year old girls, actual Royalty, and crazy Renaissance fair folk, so stay away.   


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