Monday, October 29, 2012

Makeover Monday--Displaying Your Love(s)...Literally

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As I was reading through the latest "The Knot," I came across an idea that got my creative juices flowing. A couple did  a post-reception event, in which they created a mock exhibit of the bride and groom's collection of retro toys and games. Each piece was set on a modern white pedestal under an acrylic case with a labeled description of the item and its importance to the couple.

What a great introduction to the couple's interests. Why not create a display like this during cocktail hour? You could do a similar setup as the couple above, but with items that are special to you as a couple - anything from art to sports or movie memorabilia, or even heirloom treasures that have been passed down from family members. However, how you display your items can be just as personal.

If you have a lot of thin items, such as postcards, comic books, or records, you could actually place the item under a transparent table top (glass, acrylic, or a custom shadow box table top). Proper lighting and a contrasting backdrop will really make the items pop. You could also display such items in frames or shadow boxes hanging on, or creating its own, feature wall. Items sitting on open shelving or sculptural tables or columns work well for items that are less fragile. An edgier approach could utilize the popular hanging glass orbs. You can replace the standard flower or tea light with a smaller collectible, and can be lit from above or below.

There are countless ways to arrange an exhibit that is special to you, as you can see in the photos (more info can be found on the MGE Pinterest Page). Displaying your special items during cocktail hour would be a great conversation starter, considering many of your guests may be meeting for the first time, and will give insight into your interests and who you are as a couple.


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