Monday, April 26, 2010

How to pick the perfect honeymoon spot.

So, I think that there is a perfect honeymoon for every couple. It’s not required that you go to a Sandal’s resort. I want you to open up your mind to all the places the world has to offer and you don’t have to fly halfway around the world to have the best trip ever. So here are a few tips on how to narrow down where to go on your honeymoon.

Hot or Cold?

City or Beach or Mountains?

Adventure or Relaxation?

Domestic or International?

Those to me are the BIG basic questions! Answer all of those and you have the basic outline of where you should go! Depending on when you get married and how far you want to travel, some of those question will be answered for you. So here are a few different scenarios and where I think you should go for the trip.


Prague, Czech Republic

honeymoons.001Prague is brilliant. We went for our honeymoon and fell in love! The air was cool and streets were just full of that European sexiness. This isn’t adventure like repelling and kayaking, but you are constantly moving. We walked like 95% of the time. We traveled to different regions to see other churches and sites. There are ah-mazing fresh water springs that you could take day trips to for a lovely relaxing getaway from the city. This place is brilliant and the people are insanely friendly and the price is right. I highly suggest it.

Fave Hotel:

quaint and sweet. complimentary breakfast.  great views of the city.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

honeymoons.002I love cold honeymoons. There is nothing sexier than bundling up next to a fire while the snow falls down. And think about all the fun! Skiing, Snowboarding, snowmobiling, etc. There are just endless things to do. And I love rustic cabins, done up all modern. They are so romantic and perhaps it's just me, but sitting on a beach for an entire week bores me to tears! I would rather be skiing and playing with hubby... There is plenty of time for honeymoon "good times" after a day of snow sports. hehe.

Fave Hotel:

absolutely stunning. great amenities. offers great ski-packages. eco friendly.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts

honeymoons.003Having to stay in the United State doesn’t have to be a drag. Cape Cod is beautiful and lively and romantic. Imagine renting a cottage on the beach just for the two of you, waking up every morning and bringing your coffee out to the water! The food in Cape Cod is world renowned and the beautiful little communities along the cape all have ah-mazing little shops and sites.

Fave Hotel:

Beautiful grounds, near the bay and a cranberry bog, easy access to many beaches, close to walking/biking trails.


Costa Rica

honeymoons.004Yay, for adventure! Costa Rica is beautiful and full of lots of outdoorsy fun things to do! Scuba diving, snorkeling... all kinds of creepy water things... oh, side note, I absolutely terrified by all natural bodies of water... so you have fun in your large death pools, but you also have hiking and loads of other things to do. For as many random local hotels, there are just as many monstrous luxury hotels. So, you can get whatever you wish, you can choose your level of “rustic.” You can choose to stay at the beaches near the airport, but the real fun and seclusion is at the pacific side of the island.

Fave Hotel: Hotel Makada by the Sea

stuuuuning!!! along pacific coast of the island. ah-mazing sunsets. adult only. close to tours, attractions, and beaches. 

Other destinations to look into: Boston - city, Florida Keys - beach, Aruba - adventure, Paris - city, New Zealand - adventure, Virginia - mountains, Napa Valley - relaxation, Asheville, NC - mountains,  Bali - beach.... there are so many places!

My Soapbox: All inclusive resorts are nice. I see the appeal, but I am not a huge fan. These resorts are generally run by outside countries and while they do employee many of the local population, they are usually not giving anything back to the community. I also don’t think that you get any feel for the country you are in... If you do decide to stay in one, please try to find one run by locals. And I’m not talk about little bed and breakfasts. I’m talking about huge, beautiful, 4 & 5 star resorts. I just urge you find places within the country you are staying, really get out and enjoy day to day life there. If you are just going to sit on the beach and eat bad food, you could do that in Panama City ;)

Until we me again, stay bridal and remember to get away for a little while.

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