Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to have fun with your “something blue”.


Now, I didn’t waste too much time worrying about my something blue... in fact, I forgot... thankfully I had a pair of baby blue underpants in my suitcase, viola, something blue, but I think that this age old tradition can be so much fun. Fun fact, the tradition is based in Christianity, the color symbolizes purity and fidelity, the blue references the dear virgin Mary. Who knew? So here are just a few things I think are super cute and super clever ways of incorporating blue.

somethingblue.001 Jewels: There are so many different blue stones, precious and semi-precious. So this is a super easy. A dainty necklace full of blue sapphires or maybe a giant cocktail ring. You don’t even have  to show it, if you want you could pin a broach on the inside of your gown, it keeps it private and just for you.

somethingblue.002 Fancy Underwhatnots: The brilliant thing about wearing a big dress is undergarments don’t really have to girdle you in, you can choose lacy,  frilly fun underpants. I love this because it holds true to the tradition, but is a lovely little surprise for you new mister...

Personalization: I’m in love with the trend of having writing embroidered into the lining of your gown in whatever shade of blue floats your boat. You can have the date, your initials/monogram, or even a favorite phrase or quote about your honey. I totally dig when it’s something personal that no one, but you are your betrothed know about.

Nail Polish: So one of my biggest wedding day regrets was that I wasn’t true to myself clad in navy blue nail polish. It’s my trademark. I rarely take a break from it, but for some reason I was afraid that  it wouldn’t be bridal... eh, next wedding ;) but even if navy nails aren’t your thing a swipe of super fun baby blue polish on your toes would do the trick nicely!

somethingblue.003Shoes: Blue shoes, duh! How much fun!? Right... Carrie Bradshaw wore blue shoes and she is the queen of all things fashion, so it’s acceptable. The shades and styles are endless! Just choose something that you love and that you can wear for hours of dancing!

Okay, so don’t let me catch you with a boring blue garter... well, if you must... but have fun and be creative with these ancient traditions. That’s part of the fun, right?!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and be blue... well, not upset or sad... but blue... the color... did you read the blog?! you get it...


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