Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ask Morgan: Why do wedding planner’s ask about my Budget?

Question: I have interviewed a number of planner’s in the area and they all ask me about my budget. The problem is that I don't know what my budget is. Is this a problem and why does this seem like such an important question? –Ms. Moneytree

Picture 2 Answer: I know it might seem like an important question when beginning your planning process and hunt for planners and to be honest it is! When I conduct my calls and meetings with potential clients the oh so dreaded budget question does come up at some point. I don't ask it to establish what I am going to charge for my services. My services are a flat rate and do not change as the budget changes. That is another blog for another day! But today…let me tell you why knowing and asking about your budget is a necessary question for a number of reasons:

Know Your Starting Point: You cannot really begin any planning until you have a general budget in place. Your budget is one of the main driving points of your wedding planning right beside your guest list/count. You can read back on my blog about how to begin your wedding planning by clicking here.

Type of Service You Can Afford: We cannot be everything to everyone. We know that. Our pricing is not the least expensive in town but we aren't the most expensive either. We believe in quality over quantity and have priced our services accordingly. Now this doesn't mean that every wedding we take has an high/unlimited budget. When we have clients come to us with a smaller budget, it just means that we suggest our “Vendor Referral and Week of” package instead of our “Full Service” package instead. We ask specific questions to provide pertinent information to you to your inquiry. If I am in the market to buy a sporty couple I don't want the car salesman to sell me a truck! And we have priced our “Week of” package so that no one has to be without at the very least…a “Day of” planner! No bride should have to worry if the cake is being delivered or if the linens are set up properly, while she is getting ready with her best friends and family!

Suggestions and Parameters: As a planner, I have to know what kind of parameters we are being guided by. Although I wish money were no object and everyone had copious amounts of cash to spend, this is wishful thinking…I KNOW! So, we have to be sure to pair you with the correct vendors and suggestions based on your wants and budgetary means. I cannot suggest a $5,500 dollar photographer and the Jepson for a site when your total budget is $20,000 for 60 guests because that would leave less than 1/2 for the remainder of your vendors and details. Obviously, I wouldn't be doing my job thoroughly or well if I did. So I would suggest maybe a $3,500.00 photographer and an all in one venue site!

So the long and short of it is that everyone has a budget…even deep pockets himself…Bill Gates. Don't be afraid to share your budget with those that are going to help you make your wedding day a reality. We also want the best for you, but we cannot start without some guidelines.

On Monday, I will post a blog about how to approach the “Power that BE” with grace and confidence to help you establish your wedding budget.


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