Friday, October 16, 2009

How to rock bligity bling without rocking your bank account.


I love jewelry. Did you know that? I do. I really do! I love diamonds, sapphires. I love, love rose and black gold, stunning. Here’s the deal, it’s just not practical to have or to buy, especially for one day. Albeit it’s a very important day, but still spend the real money on your shoes and dress and spend smartly on the jewels. When it comes to jewelry it is super easy to spend less, natural stones like quartz and citrine can be just as stunning as diamonds at a fraction of the cost. Also, pearls...who can tell the difference between a hundred dollar strand and a thousand dollar strand. Uh, I can’t and I’m a princess! And after all of this, if you still feel the need to fancy, don’t be a snob, demanding name brand jewels can break the bank super quick. I love to look at J.Crew, Banana Republic, and Etsy for all of my jewelry needs. They are all full of super on trend items at amazing prices. So here are a few of my faves from each.

Jewels BR JC Etsy.001 While J.Crew may be the most ridiculously overpriced store in the world when it comes to buying a white oxford button up, their wedding attire and jewelry is very well priced.  I love how they follow trends, but with there own preppy spin. My selections clockwise from the top left: crystal and pastiche necklace, $135; fringe and cluster pearl bracelet, $78; luxe cocktail bracelet, $98; hand-knotted pearls, $150; crystal thornbush drop earring, $48; pearl stud earring, $50; crystal cluster rose ring, $65.Jewels BR JC Etsy.002  

Now Banana is my go-to store for the basics and they never steer me wrong. They take trends and make them sophisticated and affordable. Their jewels are no different. I am a Banana jewel hog!!! I love their stuff because it’s cheap, but looks super fancy and I always receive tons of complements. My current faves, first page, left to right, locket bracelet, $42; twisted chain/pearl bracelet, $50; high society necklace, $98; grand entrance necklace, $49.50. Second page, clockwise from top left, pearl drop earring, $32; blooming flower ring, $50; clustered gem earring, $36; jeweled button earring, $26.

Jewels BR JC Etsy.003We all know that I looooove Etsy and really it’s hard to even give you a glimpse of everything available on that site! Thousands of pages, some of it is utter crap, but some of it is truly amazing  craftsmanship. It is the best place to find cool and new designers at the best prices! As I said, I can’t even begin to tell you all of the designers I love, but here are a few. Clockwise from the top left, Ring by ChicInfinity, $20; Bracelet by BumberShootDesigns, $26.50; Necklace by HilaryCaroline, $30; Necklace by ExclusivelyZoe, $70.

Jewels BR JC Etsy.004Until we meet again, stay bridal and avoid all costume jewelry that evokes images of Liz Taylor or Liza Minnelli. Got it? crazy divas out, blinging modern bride in.