Friday, October 30, 2009

How to take down the man.

I am so sick of rules. I am even more sick of being told what to do! Do we not live in the year 2009? In a world of change and progression? So why are we still worried about wedding fashion etiquette? Who is going to get mad at you? Grandma? Does your Grandma know you at all? So why would it surprise her or anyone else you invite to your wedding if you decide to go outside the box? Now let’s hold on a second, I am not giving you license to look a hot tranny mess. I am simply saying that there are plenty of antiquated rules that you, my darling, can throw out the window. 

do it.001

First, no one, I mean no one wears panty hose!!!! Maybe I am telling you something you already know, but just in case, please don’t do it! They are incredibly dated and super uncomfortable. I am all for body slimmers and things that make you look hot in your gown, but panty hose are never becoming and for some reason people feel like they “need” to wear them, you don’t!!!! Even if Mom is screaming at you!!! Wear fabulous closed toe shoe if it becomes a huge deal.

I worked briefly at a shoe store owned by an older, very Southern woman, she and one of her other, older, employees were gossiping like little girls about a young woman who had come in the store looking for red shoes to wear on her wedding day. They were just beside themselves with disapproval. I was like, “are you kidding? that’s awesome and gutsy!!! and if done well, it can be really stylish!” They didn’t change their minds, but seriously, they’re old. Wear crazy colored shoes!!!!!

I just wrote on colored wedding gowns, and no, it’s not a sign that you are a harlot. It means nothing more than you are a stylish lady, who wants to do things a little differently, remember Miranda Hobbes from Sex in the City? She looked like a strong independent bride wearing a stunning reddish-brown velvet jacket and skirt. It was original and true to herself.  On the same note, at the bridal shop I would always get second time brides who wanted big, fluffy gowns, but were trying to be less of a bride since they had already done the deed before. I say peshaw!!!! If you are taking the time and spending the money to have another ceremony then you deserve to have exactly what you want, it’s a fresh new start. Who cares what people whisper? Those are the kind of toxic people that should be removed from your life altogether. I’m just saying...

Why must your nails be in a French manicure? I don’t want to make any enemies because I already ticked my sister off when I first said this, but I hate French manicures...Sorry!!!! They are just so 1994, I think that there are so many stunning colors out there, so you don’t have to do a French manicure. I swear, there is no law written that says, “big occasion = French manicure.” If you are looking for soft colors, check out Essie’s Mademoiselle, Ballet Slippers, Marshmallow or OPI’s Isn’t it Romantic, Samoan Sand, and Catch the Garter. Or why not have a little trendy fun with your nails? The new jade greens are fun, but unassuming Essie’s Mint Candy Apple is amazing! Or be a bit daring and try a super bright pink like Essie’s Pink Parka. I am also in love with OPI’s South Beach collection! The colors are all stunning and even though they are rich tones none of them are obnoxious.

Dress length is also sometimes an issue, but seriously long, short, day, night? It doesn’t matter anymore! You get to make your own rules! If you want a night time wedding and your want to wear a thigh skimming skirt, then do it!!!!! If you are having an early afternoon and you want to wear a ball gown, then do it!!!! Isn’t that fun!?!? Doesn’t it sound exciting to have all of the control? All you need to do is be comfortable and love what you have on!! It is so much easier when you aren’t trying to follow anyone else's set of rules, but simply shopping to find a gown that makes you feel like a stunning beautiful bride!!!

There are a million more other things that people think are appropriate and not, but I hope you understand that this is your wedding day and you deserve to do things exactly the way you want!!! Just please don’t do ugly things...there is nothing I hate more than someone who is trying too hard to stomp on rules, so try to do it in soft and interesting ways. Please come to me with any questions, I may be blunt, but only because I want everyone to look super hot and original on their wedding day!!

Now tell me, what wedding style rules did you or someone you know break? Tell me about it!! Share your knowledge!! Spread the originality and good times!!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and rebel a little, trust me, it feels good!