Monday, October 5, 2009

This Just IN: Ditch the Wedding Magazines~!

Bridal magazines are great if you are looking at the many styles of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and sometimes some good advice, but they aren't where you want to get your inspiration from! After all, imagine how many other brides are looking at the same ideas you are looking through? Unique? I think not!

I have nothing against magazines such as Bride, The Knot and Modern Bride, but if you want real inspiration for your wedding decor that is truly fashion forward and unique m then look in the style, design and home decorating magazines. Seriously…..I know what you are thinking…”Morgan, how does a fashion or home decor magazine help me come up with a design for my wedding?” Well let me help you understand!

Style and Home Decor magazines offer the most up-in-coming trends, color combinations, and prints that set the average apart from the amazing. Here is a perfect example of how the inspiration from a magazine could translate to your wedding! 

From a home decor magazine

that can translate to your wedding design…

The best part is, they cost a fraction of the price of the wedding magazines and you have a use for them after your wedding! Bridal magazines usually get recycled quickly after you use them. Where as these magazines could you newlyweds spruce up your new digs!

Want to know some of my favorites? 

I know, I know…you love it! Just don't go over board and create a Barnes & Noble magazine section in your home. Trust me…your hubby to be might have some discourse over having enough fire power to keep a bon fire going! Being creative can be hard when you are looking at the same magazines the million other brides are looking!

Find inspiration in all things non-wedding! It is the only way to ensure your wedding will stand out and be as unique as you are.