Friday, October 9, 2009

How to do a theme wedding without it looking like a costume store vomited on your special day.

You have seen the pictures of bridesmaids in poodle skirts or hoop skirts and corsets, yikes!!!! I can’t think of a worse idea than turning your wedding into a Renaissance fair. Themes don’t have to be scary, they can work, it’s all about subtlety and not going overboard. I can’t stress this enough, having fun with your wedding is amazing, but if you dress up like the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean, I will make fun of you! It’s not even imaginative to just wear the costumes, it takes a lot more thought to follow through on a theme that isn’t obvious and it usually looks a hell of a lot better. Please just trust me on this.

To start don’t be super specific with your theme. For example, I love Audrey Hepburn, but I was not about to have my wedding look like a costume party, so I very subtly gave my dear Audrey a nod by having my girls wear black dresses/pants and their favorite set of pearls. It looked amazing and, no one really got it and I preferred it that way. So here are a few revised theme weddings, done without looking a hot mess.

themes.001 The Renaissance/Jane Austen/Pirates of the Caribbean themed wedding...dear, dear. I know that these are all different periods in history, but I think that some amount of romanticism binds them all together. Long flowing skirts, a tad of sexual tension, and a themes.002whole lot of pretty. The dresses I have chosen aren’t ridiculous lace up corsets, but modern day romantic gowns. Even for the bridesmaids, it’s all about pretty. If you really feel like you need more than go to a Renaissance not bring that kind of ugly on your wedding day...your kids are going to be soooo embarrassed. Just please don’t. Think full skirts, empire or natural waist, light airy fabrics, off the shoulder sleeves, straight across necklines, and lots of pretty embellishment. 

themes.003 The Grease themed weddings...ick. Well, how about a delightfully 50’s theme? Think cap sleeves, column skirts, or even a cute flared short gown. The style is obviously there, but without any of the cheesy costumes. I think this is one of the best times for fashion and with so many chic options why would you make your girls wear a poodle skirt??? WHY? Dear God WHY? Have fun with your girls by punching up the simple silhouettes with a bright aqua or even a fun polka dot.

themes.004 The Gothic When a goth wedding is done right it can be absolutely amazing... when done wrong it can look just plain scary. And I know that’s what they are going for blah, blah, but wouldn’t it be so much better to have an themes.005amazing, alluring, and sexy goth wedding? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Look for gowns with a little spunk in them, I love adding a bit of color to the gown with a sash, appliqu├ęs, or even a rock star built in monster huge necklace! Or hey, why not wear a black gown, the Vera Wang I have pictured is amazing and there is no fear of you blending in with the crowd. If you do wear black, put your bridesmaids in a dress that’s not solid black, I like a black lace over a white slip. It’s dark, but they will contrast with you nicely.

When in doubt google. Seriously, google your crazy theme idea and save tons of inspiration pictures, then find modern wedding/bridesmaids gowns that work within that theme. It’s easy and it really helps to have visual references. Now, as far as groom-y goes, the most “dressed up” he gets is wearing his converse all stars with his suit. Sorry, but the men don’t really get the same options we ladies do and it’s for the best. A retro suit could work, but for the most part just say no.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and for the love of all that is holy don’t have a ridiculous theme wedding, you will look like a damn fool. seriously, you will.



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