Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to take time to notice the little things.


   With the world whizzing past us at such an astronomical speed sometime we forget to just stop and enjoy the little things. Your wedding day will zoom by so quickly that you better take Morgan’s wise advice and take little moments to lock away in your mind and heart so that you will never forget them! Now you might be thinking this is a bit philosophical for fashion, but nay I disagree. Why don’t people take a more clever and introspective look at fashion? I think people would be less inclined to call me and other fashionistas “materialistic” if they really tried to think more about what fashion is, rather than simply something to keep you from being naked. I think that a wedding gown in particular should be a complete extension of your personality. And who of us really lay ourselves out so obviously? Other than me...I think that most of us hide our complexities deep within and once someone knows us better our true selves are shown, that is what I am loving about the new crop of wedding gowns. Complexity. I die. I have been watching far too much Rachel Zoe.

Wedding Fashion Week has recently ended and it really just reaffirmed that a white gown will never get old. The amount of fresh, clean, and breathtaking gowns are more than I can count and the theme of the week was detail. A common element among designers were appliqu├ęd rosettes, flowers were everywhere! Made of lace, chiffon, and applied flat to the gown or raised like origami. Embroidered and embellished belts were also all the rage, a favorite look of mine. Fabric manipulation was also on display, pleating, folding, gathering and a lot more ings. And if you are a fan of shiny thing you needn't worry because sparkle was still all the rage. These gowns just feel like a breath of fresh air and I wanted to share them with you. I love their duality, wearable and incredibly fashionable at the same time. Aren’t you excited???


Now on a slightly upsetting note, most of these gowns will not be available to purchase until Spring of 2010 and some the Fall. Don’t be sad if you have fallen in love, you will survive, I promise.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and take time to smell the roses, or the coffee, or the Chanel no. 5...whatever blows your skirt up.