Thursday, May 2, 2013

{thirsty} THURSDAY :: getting ready edition : groomsmen.

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as promised, following are some ideas for celebratory libations that your groom and groomsmen are certain to enjoy during the lead-up to your ceremony:


now, this one really should go without saying, but any list of suggested drink options for the fellas would be incomplete if it did not mention this all-time favorite of guys everywhere: beer! whether your guy prefers standard domestic cans or imported bottles, you can't go wrong with beer {unless, that is, he has a gluten allergy, in which case never mind}. if you want to win extra points for being the best future wife ever, why not surprise your guy and his groomsmen by having a selection of his favorites available in their get-ready room? beer is also the perfect accompaniment to another preferred wedding day activity: golf! 
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mini bottles

a particularly thoughtful gift for the groomsmen is a miniature {or full-sized, if you're both generous and trust them not to indulge too much} bottle of their favorite alcohol packaged alongside a savory and sweet snack for late-night or pre-wedding munchies. a personalized label like the one below is also a nice touch! 

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if you're feeling super creative, arrange your groom's favorite alcohol into a cake shape like the one below. you can top it with the cupcake {as pictured} or mini bottles of liquor!

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have a fantastic day, ladies + gentlemen!



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