Monday, May 6, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY :: ceremony programs.

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dearest brides and grooms,

while a nice paper program can serve as a welcome addition to your wedding scrapbook, the sad reality is that paper programs 1) kill trees, 2) cost more than they are honestly worth and 3) end their lives as a sad crumpled-up ball a mere 20 minutes after being handed out. 

what should you do instead? 

if you are dead-set on printed materials for each guest, why not at least make them functional?
fans are a welcome addition to any southern wedding, y'all. 
{via martha stewart weddings}

up the ante of functionality by attaching whatever you'd like thrown at you on your victorious walk back down the aisle as husband and wife to the fan program. hint: i'd suggest wild birdseed for an outdoor ceremony, as that won't need to be cleaned up.
{via martha stewart weddings}

if you don't mind bucking tradition all together and are serious about practicality and waste reduction in your wedding, the absolute best option is to create one large, poster-like ceremony program for all of your guests to see on their way to take their seats. 

i love this frame. 
{via southern weddings}

adding a bit of color fancies up the otherwise plain chalkboard-feel.
{via southern weddings}

this is a fantastic way to get creative with calligraphy and incorporate a variety of fun fonts!
{via southern weddings}

don't feel constrained to using just a chalkboard - this old piece of wood makes a statement! 
{via southern weddings}

other media to use in lieu of chalkboards or wood could include mirrors {so glam}, window panes, engraved metal {if you're suuuper fancy} or even just a large canvas painted to match your colors and style. 

what will you do for your ceremony programs? will you stick with the traditional or stray from the norm? let me know in the comments!



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