Tuesday, May 7, 2013

{tips & tricks} TUESDAY :: functional favors.

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dear brides + grooms, 

as you all may have guessed based on yesterday's post, this week's unofficial theme is reducing waste in your wedding without sacrificing an ounce of detail or tradition. 

i hate nothing more than seeing a basket of unwanted, unused favors at the end of a wedding reception. now this may hurt {the truth often does} but please believe me when i say that the majority of your guests {aside from grandparents and parents} do not want most paraphernalia emblazoned with your names and wedding date. they just don't. 

the best favors are functional ones that your guests will either eat, drink or use for wedding-related activities. 

i'm a little in love with these burlap and/or seersucker drink koozies - your guests will actually be upset if they accidentally toss these in the trash at the end of the evening! 
{via southern hands llc's etsy shop}

have a favorite homemade jam recipe? enjoy canning fresh produce? give guests a small sample of 
{via martha stewart weddings}

everyone can use fresh herbs, and they are much easier to keep alive than flower bulbs or tree saplings.
{via martha stewart weddings}

package sea salt with rosemary for a lovely gourmet infusion. 
if you prefer something sweet, try sugar and vanilla beans! 
{via martha stewart weddings}

favors that can double as a late-night snack or breakfast for the next morning {especially for destination weddings} are one of my ultimate favorites for both their functionality and thoughtfulness. try filling up a coffee mug with your favorite homemade granola/nuts&seeds blend or mini samples from your favorite local donut shop!

if you have your heart set on personalizing something with your names or initials or wedding date or some combination thereof, choose to personalize something disposable {like matchbooks or a pack of tissues or a tin of mints} rather than something more permanent {champagne glasses} since it will last longer if it is one of the former.  

another great option is to allow guests to take home the centerpiece arrangements on your reception tables, which also solves the question of what to do with all of those pretty flowers at the end of the night aside from ditching them in the trash. 

if you chose to go the photobooth guestbook route, make sure you find one that prints off two copies so that guests can take one home for themselves! 

and in my honest opinion? favors aren't necessarily required. if you really have something special in mind and want to get it for your guests, then absolutely do it! do not, however, feel obligated to buy something for favors just for the sake of it. 

thoughts, questions or concerns? 

let me know in the comments!



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