Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to add a little Austen to your wedding day.

Now, when I say Austen, if your first thought is Texas, then we are definitely not on the same page and you can’t spell... I am talking about Jane Austen. Love of my life. Author. Sister. Daughter. BRILLIANT. Yes, I’m an Austen freak. If you have never read Sense and Sensibility, Emma, or Pride and Prejudice, then you have some reading to do. Today, out of sheer boredom I flipped on a movie called Lost in Austen because it had something to do with Jane Austen. Little did I know that I was getting myself into 3 hour fantastical ride. The premise of the film is kind of silly, a modern day London girl, Amanda Price, finds a portal in her bathroom to the home of Elizabeth Bennet, the heroine of Pride and Prejudice. She and Lizzie end up switching places and fun ensues while Ms. Price desperately tries to keep the story on course. Okay, I’m a nerd, but the film got me thinking about how beautiful the gowns were, how natural the makeup was, how delightfully bouncy the curls were... So, it is possible to add a little Austen to your look with out looking like you escaped from a costume party...or a mental health facility.

Dress. The late 1700’s and early 1800’s is one of my favorite periods for historic fashion. The Regency period was very elegant, but incredibly modern. To acquire this look focus on empire waists, cap sleeves, and sheer fabric details. The key is not to take the style to literally. You want to look updated, you aren’t going for historical accuracy, but for the general feeling. I adore Claire Pettibone and Lela Rose for updated classics.

Hair. Hair was always up and curled. Now, to update this look don’t have the curls too tight which is just not cute. More loose beach waves. Whatever you do PLEASE no prom curls. Accessories were often used, like sewn in beads and crystals or double/triple strand headbands which is crazy modern, right!?!? Celebs like Emmy Rossum and Taylor Swift are great for inspiration.

Makeup. Think classic English rose. Soft dewy skin, defined eyes, rosy pink cheeks and lips. Don’t over powder! You don’t want to be shiny, but you want a glow. Invest in a cream highlighter to brighten up your face, try shell by Mac. For cheeks, orgasm by NARS is definitely the way to go, if you pass on the highlighter you can use the creme version. Look up ladies like Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, and Carey Mulligan for makeup inspiration. Google English Rose makeup and you will have pictures and videos galore.

Now, I have given you all the tools you need to have an Austen inspired wedding look. Beautiful, right!? This is classic beauty at it’s best. Now, hurry to your nearest video store and rent Pride and Prejudice the one with Colin Firth or the Keira Knightley version if you are short on time. Then watch Lost in Austen you will be hooked! I swear. It’s so romantic it’s hard not to be hooked.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and please God don’t make your man wear Austen inspired clothing... oh no... there is nothing more awful than that crotch flap and high collared nonsense. no. no. no... no...



bridechic said...

This is truly an inspiration. I've wanted to do an editorial on Jane Austen characters for so long.