Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Hottest colors for 2010

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Choosing the color scheme for your wedding is an important task. It will influence everything from your bridesmaids’ dresses and your jewelry to your invitations and linens. So, what are the predictions for the hottest colors in 2010? Let us help:

Monochrome Pick one color and run with it in numerous shades. By no means does this mean drab colors; it means take the color purple and use lilac, amethyst, lavender, mauve, and wisteria throughout your wedding.
Neutral with a “pop” of color And by neutral, we mean gray or black, not brown (that is sooooo 2008). Pick bridesmaids’ dresses that are charcoal with a kelly green overlay. Or choose invitations with gray writing and an orange design. Pink flowers in black vases will make a huge statement!

(Invitations by Savannah’s CustomIMpress)

Clear You read that right: Clear (as in diamonds, crystal, and glass) is a unique way to add glamour and sparkle to your centerpieces and, of course, jewelry. Mix and match vintage glassware and crystal vases for tables with tons of character. Add white flowers and white-on-white damask pattern tablecloths for a truly luxe look.

The best color scheme-picking resources are easy to use:

Kuler Run by Adobe, this site has thousands of color palettes developed by designers and laypersons. Sign up for a free account and save your favorite palettes to send to your invitation designer.
Wear Palettes This super-fun blog takes images of people on the street and extracts the color from their outfits to form one-of-a-kind palettes. You will find yourself looking at everything you see in a whole new way—colors!
COLOURlovers Search for palettes by color, keyword, or register and ask other members to develop a palette for you based on your ideas.
The latest color report from gives a clue for what’s coming up for 2010.


  1. These are fantastic shots!! Please submit to the Knot to be considered for publishing!!

  2. Hi I am getting married in July 2010 and I was Thinkimg of using sky Blue with an accent of tangerine and yellow as my colors. The wedding will be in Jamaica, what do you think of the colors.

  3. The Savannah Wedding PlannerDecember 17, 2009 at 9:37 PM

    Hi Debbie
    We actually just did a wedding with these general colors (check out the "real weddings" under Melissa and Jeff and some of the more recent color posts under the November tab) and it turned out beautifully! You will of course need to use the tangerine and yellow for your flower colors. Best of luck and enjoy Jamaica! Its one of my favorite spots!

  4. I love the monochrome idea, especially using a rich color. Beautiful!

  5. I love this idea!!!!!!!!!!!