Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cut the Starch

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Alternatives to Chucking Rice
 If you’re a traditionalist, then getting pelted with rice at your wedding sounds amazing. For everyone else, rice at your wedding instantly brings to mind images of those poor pigeons we heard were exploding after they ate it off the ground. Regardless of whether there’s any logic behind these supposed bird-splosions, here are some fun alternatives.
Blowing bubbles. Any children at your wedding will automatically be distracted for as long as that small bottle of bubble juice lasts, and you also don’t have to worry about catching some long-grain white rice to the eyeball.
Birdseed. You may now rest easy about the birds. They are going to be OKAY, and you are even feeding them. This is also a “greener” approach – there’s no cleanup necessary afterwards.
Sparklers. At this point you will ask, aren’t those meant for people to wave in my face as I leave for my honeymoon? And I will tell you this: sparklers are always appropriate and you can use them however you want. Think outside the box a little.
Flower petals. A very elegant and feminine alternative, albeit a tad more expensive if you’re buying a lot of them. However, if they’re real, you don’t have to worry about going back and picking up every synthetic petal that was tossed, so it’s maintenance level is in line with the birdseed.

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