Monday, February 17, 2014

Child vs. Dog: Ringbearers

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The Ringbearer Riddle
Our last post focused on some of the most frequent decisions a bride has to make while planning. One question not previously included is which kind of ring-bearer will bring the maximum possible amount of cuteness to your ceremony – dog or child? It’s so tormenting that it required its own post.
In the battle of dog versus child to get that ring down the aisle, we suggest that you make your decision based on the following criteria: dressability, training, and liability.
Dressability. Regardless of whether or not that’s actually a word, this examines how well the ring-bearer (dog or child alike) is able to stand wearing clothes for a least an hour and a half – assuming you wrestle them into their garments right before sending them down the aisle and removing them quickly after the ceremony. Both toddlers and dogs are notorious for using literally any method possible for clothing removable. However, given that most children and dogs look pretty adorable in a tiny jacket, bowtie, or dress, this can make the decision complicated. If you need assistance, Google pictures of both until you have reached a conclusion.
Training. Small garden ceremony or huge Catholic mass, it makes no difference - you are sending a small creature into a room full of what looks to it like towering monsters with nothing but a small pillow and expecting it to walk a straight line, fairly quickly, while everyone stares at it. Throw in factors such as any funny hats your older relatives or hats might wear, the presence of any visible candy or treat, and amount of practice. Never taught Spot how to come, sit, or stay? Chances are he didn’t teach himself before the big day, and that path to the altar might be a long and winding one. If your four-year-old only got half his normal naptime that day, you can probably anticipate a mid-aisle sitdown/temper tantrum combination.
Liability. Let’s just put it out there – both a child and a dog can potentially eat the ring, and both can bite people trying to take the ring away from them. Both can stop and use the bathroom in the middle of the ceremony with zero qualms about it, both can get scared or intimidated by large rooms full of people, and both have no idea HOW MUCH MONEY THAT THING COST YOU. We can tell you right now that the risk is just as high with either choice. 

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