Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Unique Wedding Gift

As I was laying in bed the other day and going through one of the 1,000 catalogs that were sent out for the holidays and came across, what I thought was one of the most thoughtful and unique wedding gifts someone could give! (If you are into the sentimental and sappy type of gift in which I AM!) then take a look!

The pages pose questions such as "What do you feel has been your purpose in life?" and "Is there any particular incident in your life that changed everything?" From the simple to the provocative, questions will help chronicle college, careers, leaving home, parental relationships, raising kids, traditions and milestones. A great tool for self-discovery and reflection, the memoir is appropriate for all who want to learn more about themselves and pass along their discoveries. It has about 500 questions, includes a family tree section and blank pages for momentos, the cover is brown leather, and gilded edges.

You can find it at Red Envelope for $49.95