Monday, October 22, 2012

Makeover Monday-Using Words to Create a Custom Backdrop and Aisle Runner

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Using Words to Create a Custom Backdrop and Aisle Runner

Couples are becoming more creative and personal during the wedding ceremony, so why not bring that same special attention to the ceremony decor? Custom backdrops and aisle runners are rapidly growing in popularity, and one way to create that custom look is with words. These words can be drawn from vows, song lyrics, poems, or whatever speaks about you as a couple. The example in the photos shown here, are words on simple craft paper creating a backdrop and continuing all the way down the aisle. This look can be easily adapted to any style by changing the material and the way it's presented.

For example, a more modern backdrop could be created with a simple white script on a plexi glass panel. The plexi could stand on its own, or be backlit, embellished with greenery, or grow sculpturally with other clear objects. Instead of having words flat on the ground, standing, narrow plexi panels, designed to coordinate with backdrop, could line the ceremony aisle. Script on wood, fabric, or any material you choose can be utilized to create different looks, but most importantly, this special touch allows your loved ones to join you in being surrounded by loving and meaningful words shared between the two of you.


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