Sunday, July 19, 2009

Elegance on a budget: The wonders of Baby’s Breath

babys breath wedding decor

Let me start by saying that, for years at Christmas, my mother insisted on putting baby’s breath in our tree and I HATED IT each and every year! I thought it looked cheap. I think that started my dislike for this filler flower. However, I recently was with some friends and we were going through one girl’s pictures of her puppies on her phone, when all of a sudden, I came across this picture (above). Gerry Rogers, from The Petals Edge, had the challenge of creating a decadent feel with this ever so  unorthodox and normally undesired filler flower,  for a prestigious wedding magazine. Now, if you are like myself, the first words out of your mouth would be “There is NO WAY”. I admit I am now a reformed baby’s breath hater. I LOVE IT! She used baby’s breath as the charger plates, in the arrangements on the table and then as the main show stopper with the topiaries. I wrote a few months ago about carnations being a great budget flower option and different ways to create an elegant feel with them (to keep them from looking like funeral flower arrangements) and I am back to do it again with baby’s breath. The trick is simple, use it in bulk and to create full looking arrangements. Take a look and tell me you too, are not a reformed hater of this filler flower!


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