Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ask Morgan: Savannah Square Wedding-Weather Permitting

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Savannah Wedding, circle ceremony Q: We want to reserve a square in Savannah for our wedding but are worried about the weather because we hear it rains a lot in April. Can you help me come up with different options just in case it does rain? --Avery

A: Hi Avery, Mother nature is always unpredictable and I am a terrible gambler. Hence why I had my wedding indoors…but always wanted to have it outside. Maybe on my vow renewal in a few years!! But there are options if you have one of Savannah’s beautiful squares on hold for your wedding:

1. Reserve a backup. There are a number of churches, hotels with empty ballrooms, or indoor facilities that will allow you to reserve their space as a back up option.

Pros: You will have a separate space for your ceremony that is free of rain/wind that can easily be set up with enough advanced notice that day.

TIP: as long as you cancel the park before your time starts, you will get your park permit fee back and will not have to pay for your security.

Cons: You will incur another fee for the additional facility and you or your wedding planner will need to arrange for all vendors to delivery/set up at the new site.

Savannah Wedding (135) 2. Rent a tent. If you do not have a wedding planner be sure to contact your rental company ahead of time to make sure there is enough inventory for your wedding!

Pros: You will still be able to have your ceremony outdoors surrounded by the amazing oak trees, you and your guests will remain dry!

Cons: The tent can be expensive…and the rental company will need more time to set up your rentals to include the tent now. Regardless if the weather changes, you will still have to use the tent. If the wind is bad or if there is lighting, a tent will not be sufficient for guests or your safety and you will have no choice to but to hold off on the time of the ceremony or move to your reception site. This could add additional fees onto your officiate, ceremony musicians, security, etc if your time you have contracted with your vendors goes over and i have seen ceremony musicians leave because they had

TIP-Extend your park permit and security to cover about 6 hours. The decision to put up a tent will need to take place early AM to allow enough time for the rental company to schedule this. 

3. Use your reception location.  If you have a wedding planner, then get with them to have them set up the details and arrangements with your reception site. If you do not, you will need to contact the reception site ahead of time to ensure they can accommodate your request since they would be the ones turning over the space. If your reception site is large enough, we have been known to separate the space to allow to two distinct visions (ceremony/reception) without guests hanging around waiting. 

Pros: You will not incur any additional costs since you already have your reception space booked. You can wait until the last minute to decide this but you will still lose your permit fee, security and your rentals….but at least you know you waited until the very last minute to give the weather a chance to pass!

Cons: You will either have to adjust your layout and decor to make the room look like a ceremony site instead of the reception site, or you can just have a place for you to stand with your bridal party and your guests to stand around you. If you pick the first option, you will need to give your venue enough time to turn back over the space. Generally, our team needs about an hour to do this…(a good time to have a cocktail hour)

Hope this helps! But remember if it does rain, “It is harder to untie a wet knot” and if it makes you feel better…there was not only rain but a tornado on my wedding day! HEY it is a good story for later on…you have to laugh it off. The most important thing is you are marrying the love of your life. All the other things…do not matter.



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