Monday, August 13, 2012

Just Don’t Do It!!!!

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I have been a bride before. I know that the days and weeks leading up to your wedding can become incredibly stressful. Even with the most amazing help and planners it’s only natural to get nervous about everything going as planned. I assure you chopping off all of your hair with a pair of scissors is NOT the way to deal with that stress!!! This is my list of things you never do right before your wedding!!!

Stay away from the Salon. Never under any circumstances decide that a last minute hair cut is in order. Even if done by a trusted professional, this is NEVER a good idea. You will regret chopping off a foot of hair 3 days before your wedding. I also think messing with your color right before the wedding is also an iffy choice. If you decide with your long-time stylist to add a few highlights or want to do a quick routine trim then fine, but if you are a long time blonde please DO NOT decide to become a brunette the day before your wedding. 

Say No to Facials. Unless you get a facial monthly and know 100% that your skin isn’t going to react funny or breakout, I never suggest getting a facial right before your wedding. You just never ever know what your face is going to do!! I would give yourself a minimum of 1 month before your wedding to get a facial. Honestly, I’d probably say 2 months for me personally. And even then, I would opt for a calming and hydrating facial with no extractions. No abrasive or hard core treatments which usually leave redness and can cause breakouts. Do those types of facials 3-4 months before the wedding!

Avoid Waxing . If you wax often and have a plan in place then disregard this paragraph. If you wanna be all smooth and whatnot start going to get waxed 6-7 months before the wedding so you know what works and what doesn’t. But if you’ve never waxed before and you decide to go for it and you are one of those people that just doesn’t wax well and you end up with ingrown hairs and icky red bumps on your underarms you are NOT going to be happy! 

Spray Tan with Care. This might seem obvious, but unfortunately it’s not. The truth is like all of the above if you spray tan every other week and you know what color you are going to turn out and you trust the technician then by all means spray away. But if you decide the day before the wedding to spray it up and you turn a terrifying shade of Snookie orange you are going to be wishing you had listened to me. If you don’t listen to me at least learn from Anne Hathaway’s character in Bride Wars, pictured above.

What we learned today... Unless you have a routine in place, don’t get haircuts, facials or spray tans days before your wedding. It makes sense right!!??! Nod your head yes!! If you need to release stress go get a massage ( I find scalp and shoulder massages are great relaxers), mani/pedi, reflexology, or by simply making some herbal tea and reading a magazine... Not by chopping your long locks off Britney Spears style in crazy bridezilla rage.


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