Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Real San Francisco Wedding: Ruth and Vinny Part 3-Reception

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Vinny and Ruth are such a genuine couple and wanted their wedding to really tell their guests who they were and what they loved as a couple and individuals. They wanted their wedding to be fun—a party. I remember meeting with them the first time to talk about the theme and Vinny was so excited to try to incorporate games in the reception because this was such a big part of his family time and Ruth wanted to have a carnival type theme because she loved the eclectic and colorful look so it couldn't be any more perfect! We started with the invitations that looked like a Carnival sign and ticket—we then wanted to incorporate many shades and textures and did so by shopping for fabric to cover mason jars and making custom napkins to add a pop of color to the tables. If you won a game, you got a prize! They wanted to have both of their cultures incorporated in some fashion and so both supplied the dessert table with the most popular Vietnamese and Mexican candies that their guests could take home in their goodie bags. The cake topper is one of the cutest I have ever seen! The groom is a HUGE captain america fan and so they contacted a local etsy artist to do him ripping his military uniform off to reveal his Captain America insignia. We spent a LONG night up watching Grimm and making the adorable place card fan rounds. The bride got really crafty and made pinwheels and prop pieces (hats, glasses, mustaches, etc) to add height to the table and give guests an opportunity to really let their hair down and pose for the camera! Who needs a Photo Booth when you have the whole night to show off?!One of my favorite details was the Jenga pieces that sat at each place setting with pens for guests to sign in place of a guest book. ADORABLE. 

Ruth and Vinny will always hold a special place in my heart. I cannot wait to see where life leads you next as you await the arrival of your precious babies. :) We are always here for you. 


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