Tuesday, April 21, 2009

with luxurious lashes!


I happen to turn on Martha Stewart last week and she was doing a wedding special. One of her guests was Ja'Maal Buster and he is known as the Eyelash Guru to the stars. So…I just had to share this with you!

I think eyelashes are one of those essential items you need to add to your wedding day makeup routine. His line features over 15 different kinds of lashes, each to suit your specific eye shape, color and look desired and the accessories. One of my favorites is this eyelash tool, which makes applying your lashes simple and mess-free. (If you have tried applying lashes before, you know that glue does EVERYWHERE) and placing them simple! Be sure to order an extra pair and do a trial run a few weeks before your wedding day to ensure you have the right style and can apply them correctly. Enjoy!

 I DO Eye lashes Ja'Maal Buster Lash Tool


Laura from Ohio said...

Yay Kristen & Larry!! So excited for the wedding!!!