Monday, September 10, 2012

Fairy Princess Wedding

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I’ve been watching my fair share of TLC these days, with Say Yes to the Dress and Honey Boo Boo, but Four Weddings inspired this post. If you’ve never seen Four Weddings, you are missing out. Four strangers all attended each other’s weddings then they rate and score the weddings and whoever has the highest score gets a free fabulous honeymoon. 

Well, this particular episode one of the brides had a “fairy” themed wedding... Hmmm. Here’s the thing, I think it’s a brilliant idea, but she actually had fairy figurines on the tables. Oh No, Oh yes... Parts of her wedding were very pretty, but overall I was just very turned off... I decided to show you how I would go about doing a fairy themed wedding. Prepared to be enchanted... lol. What?? I had to!!!

Here are some inspiration boards for your viewing pleasure. 
Decor. Utilize the beautiful outdoors for your fairy wedding. I think the more natural the better. Lighting is huge deal for this theme!!! Twinkle lights, lanterns, candles, etc. No harsh artificial light, just a soft warm yellow glow. Wild flowers and glitter are the way to go. It should look relaxed and bohemian, nothing should look too planned or decorated. 
Fashion. You should look like an ethereal goddess. Think flowing materials like chiffon and light organzas. Embellishments like sparkle and rosettes.  Headpieces are a definite must!! And let’s not forget bare feet to complete the look. 

Photos c/o JoseVilla Blog, Cut Flower Garden, Style Me Pretty, Snippet and Ink, & Intimate Weddings

I want to get married again... I want a fairy wedding... Someone please do this stat, I need to live vicariously. 

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