Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who’s Paying for This???

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This is a serious one... Trying to figure out who is paying for this and that can be awkward and downright difficult, but here is an easy guide to who pays what... 

When it comes to the traditional wedding, the who pays for what is pretty simple. The bride’s father usually pays for just about the entire wedding. Sorry pops! 

*Wedding Planner 
*Engagement Party
*Invites & other paper goods 
*Brides & Bridesmaids bouquets
*Gown & accessories
*Travel & Lodging for Officiant (if needed)
*Ceremony & Reception venue
*DJ or Band
*All Reception Expenses (ie, floral arrangements, linens, chairs, dance floor, food, bar)

The groom’s parents generally take care of the entire rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon, while also taking care of the Officiant’s fees, the marriage license, family corsages and boutonnieres, and the groomsmen’s boutonnieres.

So you aren’t have a traditional wedding!?!? This is where it gets tricky. In modern weddings there aren’t any rules... and when it come to family and money no rules can equal mass destruction! When both parents offer to pay or when the couple wants to chip in it can be a little confusing! I think the best way to approach the budget is to keep open communication with all contributing parties and for all to be honest about how they want their funds to be used. It will be a lesson in patience and compromise, but I assure you, it can be done. I highly suggest writing up spreadsheets so that everyone can see exactly where and how much is being spent. Did I mention you’ll need a boatload of patience?? So do we all understand? Patience, honesty, and spreadsheets, oh my!!!


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