Friday, May 7, 2010

How to have the perfect Bachelorette party.


Now, while my own bachelorette didn’t work out so well... I didn’t even get through dinner before I puked my guts out... what a loser!?!?! I wasn’t even drunk, I swear. Buuuut I have attended/thrown some pretty rad ones. Here are a few of my tips to make sure that you and bridesmaids/friends are all on the same page.

funsies.001funsies.002funsies.003 1. Pick your party type... are you a club girl? relaxation girl? adventure girl? spa girl? Do you want it to be a one day/night affair or last all weekend long? Don’t let your drunkard best friend talk you into a night of clubbing if that is the last thing on the planet you want to do. You don’t  have to be pushy, but come on... this is for you! No matter where you go you can be dolled up with crown and boa... I think it’s more fun to show up that way to normal places... like nice restaurants... or the spa. But seriously, you are the bride make sure you are going to enjoy what you are doing!

2. Pick your guest list... who is invited can be as big or as small as you want it to be. So choose a group of your besties. Like your big day, not everyone will make it, so be mindful of that. I find it’s always best to ask everyone the best dates for them, then go with the majority. You can’t please everyone, so don’t try.

3. Pick your budget... once you know who you want to come, discuss the options and everyone’s budget. A weekend in wine country might not work for everyone... and if no one comes, it’s not gonna be fun. It’s always good to choose things that can cover many budgets. Going to a spa doesn’t have to be expensive, a manicure is a 30 dollar treat that generally lasts as long as a massage or facial. Or do things like chill at the beach/lake/pool, bring some tasty beverages and it’s free.

4. Pick your destination... Once you know what everyone can spend and when they are available, choose the place. If you are making it a day affair, obviously, the location needs to be close. Find the best mani/pedi party spa and plan for an ah-mazing dinner. tapas is nice, because of the varying price points. Then you can head out to the bars, jazz club... whatever suits you. Or if it’s a weekend treat, find a place where everyone can afford to get to. The beach is always fun. The mountains. Cities like Boston, Savannah, Charleston are just the bees knees because they are insanely walkable and just sooooo much fun.

quick tips:

  • book spa days in advance. seriously, the longer you wait the harder it will be to find a place. trust me and the more people you have the more difficult it will be.
  • make reservations. even if the restaurant doesn’t “take” reservations, if you call them earlier in the day and let them know that a party of 15 is coming in at 8, they may be inclined to help you out. flirting always helps, not that i know...
  • have a plan. i don’t mean you have to have a play by play, but there is nothing worse than have a large group of people sitting around debating what to do. and if your friends are like mine, dude, we don’t make decisions. so we would basically sit around all day debating about what to do saying, “i don’t care, whadda you want to do?”... you get.
  • bride, have fun. don’t get all snotty about having to wear tiara’s... if you need to be talked into wearing a tiara then you probably need to take a chill pill... you are probably a bridezilla. calm.

The best advice I can offer is pretty similar to my wedding day advice. HAVE FUN. I mean this is celebrating you and your friends, it’s not that serious. So don’t let any drama in, if someone can’t make it, too bad. If bridesmaid A doesn’t want to do this or that, she doesn’t have to. It’s all about just having a great time, so don’t let anything ruin that. Just enjoy your time as a single girl hanging with the people you love the most.

Oh, and for funsies I put some awesome looks for your big days. All pieces can be found at Shopbop and J.Crew.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and remember your bachelorette isn’t spring break... no beads... please, you're a grown up.

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