Friday, September 18, 2009

How to have the coolest ring finger around.

So you should see some of the seriously ugly wedding sets out! I can’t even believe that some of this junk is still made. It’s like the 80’s never died and when it comes to the pieces of jewelry that are supposed to, for the rest of your life connect you to your spouse the 80’s needs to be far, far, far away from that purchase. I know that you don’t have much say in the engagement ring, but dropping subtle hints about disliking a certain style is my best advice. Silly boys may not remember the 4 C’s by heart, but they will remember you saying that you hate gold or that you would rather die than wear an oval cut diamond. So it at least is something for them to recall when out doing the shopping. Even if you drop hints it still might be difficult to avoid your own Carrie Bradshaw moment... “it was a pear shaped diamond...with a gold band...not good” No, not good Carrie, but luckily you are marrying the man not the ring. I know it sounds harsh, but you have to wear this ring FOREVER, if you don’t like it speak up. Most jewelers have exchange policies for engagement rings, so after the dude proposes you can go back and pick out your ring together.

I spent two Christmas’s working at Tiffany & Company, so to say that I am a diamond snob would be correct. Now with that said I am also a fan of not spending more than you have and seriously it is very possible to find an identical diamond somewhere else for the fraction of the price and I can’t argue with that. But I have to admit I love my rings and wouldn’t change them for the world. So if it’s not in your budget to get the ring that you want from T&Co, Cartier, or Harry Winston...Don’t be a snob, find a similar ring on Blue Nile or anywhere else. Let’s not be silly.

I love a classic 6-prong round diamond ring just like the next girl, but I think these next groups of rings are interesting, fun, and one of a kind.

rings.001 Stacked bands: This is my favorite style ever and what I have. I like having a different wedding set and it suits me perfectly. I have two bands and hope for one more ;) I have Tiffany’s Etoile band and a half circle channel set band. I love how simple and modern it is. Not only is it beautiful, I feel that it is functional for my lifestyle and it really represents my personality. I love all of these rings pictured! A stunning diamond ring doesn’t just mean a solitaire! These are interesting and fun options for someone looking for something wee bit different. Piece of advice for those shopping for bands, it depends on the style, but most bands come in full and half circles and if you have that option choose the half. My dear friend Erika is a diamond expert and she basically says that you end up paying more for diamonds no one ever sees, that end up getting banged up and falling out. That advice saved me lots of money.  Find bands...just about any place that sells diamonds! I love Tiffany’s and Etsy for fun stackable bands.

rings.002 Thick bands: This was a close second for my ring choice. I think that there is something so effortless about thick filigreed bands. They really stand out and have this elegance that is unmatched. My grandma rocks a thick band and it is timeless! Absolutely beautiful. I think that these rings are a lot of bang for the buck. The diamonds aren’t huge, but that doesn’t matter because it is all about the inherent details and the  diamonds are just the added sparkle! I think that these bands have an inherent antique quality. I like Tiffany’s, Penny Preville, and even Jared for these styles. Also, check antique or vintage jewelry stores.

rings.003Colored gemstones: I love this look! It’s amazing, you get a beautiful and interesting setting that’s classy and much larger than any diamond you could afford. I think that it says a lot when someone has colored stones in their ring, it shows you have a bit of fire! It’s not overtly funky, in fact, many of the settings are very Victorian surrounded by tiny diamonds. I love all of these amazing stones, it isn’t just rubies and emeralds. Look for natural rubellite, natural blue zircon, sunstone, any color sapphire, citrine, spessartite, and a trillion others! I found some beautiful options on Etsy...the best website ever, seriously what don’t they have!??

Until we meet again, stay bridal and avoid ordinary, life is too short to wear ugly wedding rings.