Friday, February 27, 2009

with Fashion FRIDAYS!!!!

I have asked one of my very VERY favorite past brides and now friend…to take her love of fashion and weddings and incorporate them into a great piece for our blog and its readers….so we came up with Fashion Friday! I am pleased to introduce Lauren and am SOOO looking forward to Fridays…I mean who doesn't love Fridays???  Meet Lauren in all her splendor!


Feisty Fashionista

My name is Lauren Lanza Osias and I love two things in the world: fashion and weddings. I was married almost two years ago in beautiful Savannah, GA. We had a truly beautiful wedding and I don't regret any of my choices, but for some reason I can't shake my desire to get married again and again, to my husband of course ;) or perhaps Orlando Bloom. Ah, dreams.

Wedding fashion has evolved so much in the past few years, no more antiquated rules about what is and isn't appropriate, which is great for me because I have never done well with rules. Your wedding is an exciting time for you to express your personality through fashion. Your day is such a special time for you and your other half, but let's be honest - - it's pretty much all about you looking and feeling fantastic as you enter into wedded bliss. I would love to help. So, every Friday I will be here to update you on the trends for upcoming seasons, trunk shows, working on a budget, dressing your body type, and most importantly, how to not make your bridesmaids look like swamp people. 

I look forward to helping you avoid all things puffy and polyester.


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