Friday, February 27, 2009

with carnations…YES CARNATIONS!

black and white wedding carns Now..if I didn’t tell you that this picture was of carnations, would you have guessed it? I don’t think so! I even did a double take. Talk about classy, eh! I know you are saying to yourself…”Morgan..every dog gets a bone once in a while….yes they are nice but that is about all ya got right?” Well, let me show you more and why I think carnations are DA BOMB….

Carnations pinkCarnation Pomerand balls 








I was just at a final floral meeting for a bride of mine whose wedding is in April and one of my favorite florists and I needed to get the amount of the floral contract down, but still keep the arrangements full and classy.  She and I agreed that carnations get a really bad wrap. My guess is because they weren’t always used to the best of their ability (more like in funerals and really bad prom corsages – you know what I am talking about!) and maybe you didn’t have a fabulous floral designer???? But here is the REAL DEAL on carnations:

1. They are a great flower to use as a “FILLER” flower. carns pink carnations and roses

2. They come in a wide variety of colors. Think of a color…carnations probably come in any color you can think of! (within reason of course) …..Even green!

 green carnation caketable carnations carns1


Need I say more here? Who doesn’t want more bang for your buck?  Because of the low cost of these flowers, it enables you to do more with them. Look at this really neat “CAKE STAND” and imagine doing that in orchids?!?!? I DONT THINK SO! place card carnationscarnation cakebase 4.  They are a durable flower.

This is a flower that will hold up in any weather, being moved around, and will last for an extensive period of time, even without water. Some other flowers that are full as well, (hydrangea), do not seem to last as well in the heat or out of water.  carnation ball by marthacarnations in pink 

5. You can get them Year Round. Unlike some flowers, these flowers are available all year long!

    red carnation flickr    table carnations

table carnations First , seventh, ninth, and tenth last pictures from Martha Stewart, others are marked appropriately

OH…I HEART CARNATIONS!! Happy planning!


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