Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to use Etsy to it’s full potential on your wedding day.


    As we all know, I am flipping obsessed with Etsy.com! I’ve bought hand-dyed scarves from India, the handmade bag Kristen Stewart carries in Twilight... yes... the same one... yes... I’m a loser. It is a world of possibilities. You can buy everything from jewelry to cupcakes! For serious, CUPCAKES and apparently they were really tasty, I just had to watch everyone else eat them... stupid vegan. So I thought I would show you all of the ways Etsy can help your wedding day rock.

etsy.002Attire: I think this is the most obvious, you can find everything from veils, to jewels, to your wedding dress! There are some ah-mazing gowns on Etsy. Claire La Faye is genius!!! Stunning gowns at decent, not cheap, prices. You can send any pair of shoes to SVAjewelry etsy.001and she will fully bedazzle them with Savoroski crystals, for 250 dollars, which even as steep as it is, is actually reasonable. Don’t even get me started on veils! They are everywhere! Fingertip, cathedral, lace, fine edge, birdcage, bedazzled, white, ivory, red... do. not. use. a. red. veil. I will never speak to you again. You get the picture. For birdcage, I love FascinationCreations and BrendasBridalVeils. Salchar makes the most beautiful lace trimmed veils. And Myrakim has the most adorable hair accessories with a little quirky twist.

etsy.003Bridesmaids/Groomsmen's Gifts: There is no end to the fun stuff that you can find. Why just get your guys a flask, when you can get them a hilarious hollowed out book hiding said flask. Seller PommeFrites sell one for only 40 dollars. If you find bird jewelry as fabulous as me and so many of etsy’s jewelry designers. Find the most appropriate necklace for each girl... the same, but different is my favorite... I HATE matchy-matchy. Ick. How about a really cool framed photo that means something to you both. You can find beautiful photos for less than 25 bucks, some times as little as 10. I am loving SweetEventTide’s photos. they are brilliant. Afiori also has stunning photos. So, okay, do we see how easy it is to find awesome wedding party gifts!? Good, moving on.

etsy.004Wedding Decor: Lanterns, handmade vases, cupcakes, invitations!!! Oh dear sweet baby Jesus!!!! I have so much stuff to show you that you could use. OrangeKiss will make you pompoms in a ton of colors to hang from trees/ceiling. I absolutely love MommyHolly’s butterfly confetti made of old dictionary pages. That would rock sprinkled on tables, amidst flowers or candles. Speaking of candles, need cute votive holders? Well, PoppySeedStation makes the cutest votive holders which they will adorn with your initials, the date, phrases...the best part, they are only a dollar a holder. Genius! I am freaking in love with the vase by DulcieNotDarcie and for only 22 bucks you can’t beat them!!!! And ohmylordy cupcakes, cupcake toppers everywhere! My favorites are SugarRobot, TeaLovesCake, and the IttyBittyCakeShop!

Disclaimer: Okay, you should know that anyone can sell on Etsy, so along with the genius stuff... well, let’s be nice, there’s a bunch of crap too! So beware junk. And if you find something you love look for feed back from previous customers or email the seller and have them send testimonials or additional photos. Seller’s want to sell their stuff they are more than willing to work with you.

So that’s just a little tiny bit of what Etsy has to offer! It’s a brilliant site and you won’t regret purchasing from it. Corporate America gets enough of our money on a daily basis, help out the little guy and in the process get truly ah-mazing and unique products!!!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and use your computer the way God intended... buying pretty things.


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mommyholly said...

I adoreeee those shoes, omg!!! :) And thank you so much for including my dictionary butterfly cutouts in this post- I so appreciate it :) xoxox Holly

Poppy Seed Station said...

Your collection is fabulous!!!!! Thank you SO much for including my French Quarter votive enhancers! <3 Janet