Monday, September 28, 2009

The Toast of the Party-How to give a great toast!

Wedding Tim and Mo 195Because of my job, I cannot tell you how many speeches I have heard over the years and truly, only a small handful stand out. Trust me I have heard them all! Including being on the receiving and giving end of them personally. However, on Saturday I had the pleasure of sharing in Kelly and Robby’s wedding day on Jekyll Island. (Pictures to come soon, you wont want to miss this one) But their best man, Bill Bratt (a one of a kind guy and best man!), gave a memorable toast that will be remember for years to come and one that brought tears to the whole reception (including myself) with tack and thought.  Bill did justice to his “best man” status by doing everything he was supposed to do and so much more. He had the idea of asking both the bride and groom why they fell and love and wanted to marry the other, privately of course, and then shared it with us during his toast. Not only was it a nice surprise to the bride and groom individually, it really gave a personal insight to the couple and showed how much Bill cared to ask and share with the guests.

  This gave me the idea of sharing what a thoughtful and tasteful toast should be.


  • Memorize your speech so you can look at the couple while you are toasting them.
  • Keep it under 5 minutes.
  • Briefly explain your relation and how you know the couple.
  • Thank the families and friends along with the couple, a good best man/maid of honor acknowledges all those who made the day possible.
  • Be tactful and classy throughout your speech.
  • If you are a funny person, it is OK to add a few jokes and bring laughter to the situation. Nothing says the whole speech has to be serious. However, if you are a serious person, nothing says it has to be funny. Act as you do on a day to day basis. No reason to be someone you aren't!
  • Make the speech about both the bride and groom at the same time. No one wants to hear all stories about the groom and one little mention of how the bride joined the picture.
  • Focus on the positive, how the couple met, an interesting story about both or how you feel this is a “match made in heaven” so to speak.
  • Add a few quotes or short poem that is relevant to the evening and couple.
  • Ask for the guests to join you in toasting the couple and end on a high note or closing statement that indicates the end of your toast.(ie: well wishes for a long and happy marriage, cheers, love conquers all, etc)


  • Tell embarrassing stories that would upset the couple, their parents or other family members.
  • Don’t bring up ex’s or negative stories.
  • Don’t show up “toasty”. Have respect for the bride and groom by not getting drunk before you give your speech. There is nothing more embarrassing for yourself or your hosts and there is no stopping what might come out of your mouth. You don't want this to be the last wedding you are invited to!
  • Make the speech about yourself or your marriage, this is the bride and groom’s day, keep it about them!
  • Make jokes about the honeymoon (HUMP HUM) you know what I am referring to.

This is just a guideline, It is up to you to create your own unique and memorable speech that will honor your best friend and his/her spouse in your own words. After all, what honor is greater than that of being asked to be a Maid/Matron of Honor or Best Man at a wedding?

Love means to love that which is unlovable,
or it is no virtue at all;
forgiving means to pardon the unpardonable,
or it is no virtue at all;
faith means believing the unbelievable,
or it is no virtue at all;
And to hope means hoping when things are hopeless,
or it is no virtue at all.

-G.K. Chesterton


Friday, September 25, 2009

How to add a bit of color to your walk down the aisle.


Now, I’m not talking about those terrifying gowns with red and black trains...oh no. I am thinking more how to use soft pastels to replace white. Think peach, pink, lavender, and soft blue. I love this trend and it doesn’t have to be scary and it can be pretty and delicate. I think you have to use a color that compliments your skin, but also enhances your features. If you have pale, reddish skin, stay away from pink, but blue could absolutely work. It’s about balance.

colors.001 The colored gowns that I am allowing you to wear can be broken up into cool and warm colors, think color wheel. Generally, if you have light hair, eyes, and skin you usually fall into the cool palette where icy blue, lavenders, and platinum will rock with your coloring. Now, if you are like me and have a medium-dark or an olive complexion, with dark hair and eyes you probably should stay within the warm colors. Think mochas, champagne, and yellows. If you still aren’t sure which you are, the next time you are at the salon ask your stylist if you are cool or warm, they should know immediately. Now, this isn’t an exact thing, there are always exceptions, the only way to know is to try.

colors.002 Now this is not for the faint of heart, this requires a certain amount of determination and flare. It really isn’t a crazy move, you just can’t question your decision. If white isn’t your thing than wear pink, blue, or green. If you love the gown you can’t worry what your Aunt Carol who has no style and thinks skirts above the knee are trampy thinks! This is a solid look and I think just as timeless as white!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and don’t be afraid to spice things up with a little color.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ask Morgan: To Tip or Not to Tip-That is the Question!!!???

Q: I was told that I should tip my vendors that I have hired for my wedding, but gratuity is already included in some of their bills. Do I tip on top of the amount already added or is it OK not to?-Melissa

A. Melissa, tipping is YOUR expression of gratitude for service given. However, in some cases gratuity may be included or required with some vendors such as your caterer and transportation services. This is the norm for the wedding industry in terms of a required tip, but this would be the same concept outside of a wedding in the world of living! If a tip is included you will see on your contract the percentage for that gratuity. In Savannah, a normal gratuity for catering is about 20% and 15-20% for your limo/car driver. You will also want to tip your bartenders 10-15% and never allow for a tip jar on the bar. It is just tacky and it is not your guests responsibility to tip your bartenders.

Normally, your coordinator will be able to give you more insight into whom might be included in your tipping, the amounts, and can hand out these tips on the day of in envelopes that are addressed to each vendor you would like to tip. Additional tipping at your discretion for other vendors may include:

Baker and Florist: Nothing, unless they truly go above and beyond

Ceremony Musicians: $5-10 an hour per musician

Officiate: To tip them is to trivialize their profession and extremely bad etiquette. Generally you pay your fee and that's it. If you wish to make a financial contribution to the church, you can do that separately.

DJ/Band: $50 per DJ

Wedding Coordinators: They were with you from start to finish and you could tip up to %10 of the total commissioned or $50 for other services rendered.  (day of)

Photographers: $50  and will be split if the principle photographer brings an assistant.

Parking Attendants: $.50-1.00 per car

PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND: A tip should not be expected by any of these vendors and you should not feel guilty if your budget doesn't allow or you choose not to tip.

Additional Tips:

  • Tips should always be in cash.
  • Tips should be given right before the vendor leaves. This way you can gage the tip according to the job they did for you.
  • If you don't have the ability to tip, a thank you card is always appreciated and a very personal form of gratitude from you. This could also help the vendor get hired again in the future. 


Friday, September 18, 2009

How to have the coolest ring finger around.

So you should see some of the seriously ugly wedding sets out! I can’t even believe that some of this junk is still made. It’s like the 80’s never died and when it comes to the pieces of jewelry that are supposed to, for the rest of your life connect you to your spouse the 80’s needs to be far, far, far away from that purchase. I know that you don’t have much say in the engagement ring, but dropping subtle hints about disliking a certain style is my best advice. Silly boys may not remember the 4 C’s by heart, but they will remember you saying that you hate gold or that you would rather die than wear an oval cut diamond. So it at least is something for them to recall when out doing the shopping. Even if you drop hints it still might be difficult to avoid your own Carrie Bradshaw moment... “it was a pear shaped diamond...with a gold band...not good” No, not good Carrie, but luckily you are marrying the man not the ring. I know it sounds harsh, but you have to wear this ring FOREVER, if you don’t like it speak up. Most jewelers have exchange policies for engagement rings, so after the dude proposes you can go back and pick out your ring together.

I spent two Christmas’s working at Tiffany & Company, so to say that I am a diamond snob would be correct. Now with that said I am also a fan of not spending more than you have and seriously it is very possible to find an identical diamond somewhere else for the fraction of the price and I can’t argue with that. But I have to admit I love my rings and wouldn’t change them for the world. So if it’s not in your budget to get the ring that you want from T&Co, Cartier, or Harry Winston...Don’t be a snob, find a similar ring on Blue Nile or anywhere else. Let’s not be silly.

I love a classic 6-prong round diamond ring just like the next girl, but I think these next groups of rings are interesting, fun, and one of a kind.

rings.001 Stacked bands: This is my favorite style ever and what I have. I like having a different wedding set and it suits me perfectly. I have two bands and hope for one more ;) I have Tiffany’s Etoile band and a half circle channel set band. I love how simple and modern it is. Not only is it beautiful, I feel that it is functional for my lifestyle and it really represents my personality. I love all of these rings pictured! A stunning diamond ring doesn’t just mean a solitaire! These are interesting and fun options for someone looking for something wee bit different. Piece of advice for those shopping for bands, it depends on the style, but most bands come in full and half circles and if you have that option choose the half. My dear friend Erika is a diamond expert and she basically says that you end up paying more for diamonds no one ever sees, that end up getting banged up and falling out. That advice saved me lots of money.  Find bands...just about any place that sells diamonds! I love Tiffany’s and Etsy for fun stackable bands.

rings.002 Thick bands: This was a close second for my ring choice. I think that there is something so effortless about thick filigreed bands. They really stand out and have this elegance that is unmatched. My grandma rocks a thick band and it is timeless! Absolutely beautiful. I think that these rings are a lot of bang for the buck. The diamonds aren’t huge, but that doesn’t matter because it is all about the inherent details and the  diamonds are just the added sparkle! I think that these bands have an inherent antique quality. I like Tiffany’s, Penny Preville, and even Jared for these styles. Also, check antique or vintage jewelry stores.

rings.003Colored gemstones: I love this look! It’s amazing, you get a beautiful and interesting setting that’s classy and much larger than any diamond you could afford. I think that it says a lot when someone has colored stones in their ring, it shows you have a bit of fire! It’s not overtly funky, in fact, many of the settings are very Victorian surrounded by tiny diamonds. I love all of these amazing stones, it isn’t just rubies and emeralds. Look for natural rubellite, natural blue zircon, sunstone, any color sapphire, citrine, spessartite, and a trillion others! I found some beautiful options on Etsy...the best website ever, seriously what don’t they have!??

Until we meet again, stay bridal and avoid ordinary, life is too short to wear ugly wedding rings.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ask Morgan: What is a Certified Wedding Planner? And why is that important?

Q: I have recently begun my search for my wedding planner. I have only found 2 planners in the area that are “certified”, you being one of them. What is this and is this really important? –Lara K.

A: The short answer: You want a certified wedding planner.

Need more of an explanation as to why and maybe a little more in-depth answer?

Unfortunately, the wedding planning industry is not regulated. Meaning, anyone could call themselves a wedding planner/coordinator and there is no one to regulate this professional like a physician’s qualifications. Many planners start by planning a friend or their own wedding and decide that this is what they want to do by to make money. If i could sit down and tell you all the ins and outs of planning a wedding and all the things that might and will go wrong and all the challenges faced during the planning process, you would wonder how someone who just planned one wedding could just in and call themselves a wedding planner.

To be “certified” in any field of study means you have been trained by an accredited organization or educational institution. Planners must maintain a minimum number of hours in course training, schooling and pass a series of exams. Being certified also means you they are a member of a professional organization. This is a great indicator of talent and expertise. Some of the most popular organizations are the ABC, ACPWC, WPI, and the AFWPI. These organizations require planners to meet certain criteria to join and use these special titles. They also help promote a certain code of ethics and insist on the planner maintaining their current knowledge and credentials  in the field.

Most certified planners are more well rounded as individuals and in business matters. They are also the most serious about their business and classify their planning as their full-time jobs. Be weary of any planners or vendors for that matter, that does this job as their part-time job or “on the side” job. Their full attention and time must be dedicated to you and your wedding. With another job, this will not be the case.

Would you hire an accountant that wasn’t certified as an accountant? I would not!


Friday, September 11, 2009

How to eat your way to a slimmer wedding day.


Now I know this is a fashion blog, but what could be more fashionable than looking slim and trim in your brand new insanely expensive wedding dress! I am a lover of all kinds of diets and weight loss programs...I don’t really abide by them, but I like having the knowledge. I am totally not a qualified nutritionist, rather a normal gal like yourself who just happens to be obsessed with the idea. Please consult a doctor before starting any extreme weight loss regime. I will say this, I am not really offering a diet plan...more a bit of advice to keep you at your best before the wedding. Also, please be aware that once you have had that final fitting loosing more weight is not going to be fashionable...

Diets are fascinating, just by rearranging your habits you can say so long to bloat, extra poundage, and even ruddy skin. I am a total believer in “you are what you eat,” so always stay away from over-processed “fake” food. I think you should be able to read a label and know what all the ingredients are. Avoiding packaged food will be a great step in avoiding bloat, the sodium in one healthy microwaved meal is out of this world. Now with that said, I love my fast food more than any girl in the world, I’ll take What-A-Burger any day, but still I really work it into my weekly diet because if you aren’t careful that much fat could really do terrible things to your heart, forget about what it does to your thighs! Diets are hard to stick to, but in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding use your best judgement and imagine yourself in that dress all fabulous, it really is terrific motivation.

Now Dermatologists have been saying for years that it doesn’t matter to your skin what you eat...I call bollocks on that!  Your skin is fully susceptible to what you eat. If you don’t believe me check out Dr. Perricone’s website and take a gander at his patients results. A diet full of Anti-Inflammatory foods, greatly reduces redness and the excess oil that causes acne. Now this diet isn’t going to cure you of decades of bad skin, but I swear you will see a difference. It’s no surprise that the foods on these lists happen to be the kinds of foods that a nutritionist or a dietician might tell you to eat. Wild Salmon and other various fish full of heart healthy oils and fatty acids. The list is full of veggies, fruits, nuts and spices that make you glow. The list doesn’t include any grains or starches, but I think adding a cup of brown rice or quinoa would make a perfect healthy meal. Check out for the entire list.

So if slimming down is your goal, then take my dad’s favorite advice, “say no to all white foods!” Seriously, it’s painful, but there are so many tasty replacements that you will never feel deprived. Trade white rice for brown, white potatoes for sweet potatoes, white bread to whole wheat/grain. Super easy to do and really tasty! Plus, these alternatives are loaded with fiber that keeps you fuller longer, jackpot!!!! When you cut foods out you have to be adventurous, never tried quinoa or barley, now is the time.

Now in the week leading up to the wedding it would be good to avoid foods that cause bloat! So absolutely no fried foods, fast foods, packaged foods, starches, diary, and even some veggies. Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, asparagus, and beans. Know I know that this list sounds like deprivation, but seriously one week, have you no self-control??

food.002When it comes to sugary drinks loaded with calories, stay away! There are some exceptions, juices with no sugar added are acceptable for breakfast. I have found that coconut water is the best way to stay hydrated, it’s completely natural and loaded with 15 times the potassium in any given sports drink. It only has 60 calories per serving and is sooooo tasty. Drink a ton of green tea, not a fan, try Honest Tea, they mix tasty varieties of green tea with organic honey or cane sugar bringing the calorie count for one bottle to 32. Seriously, I buy this stuff by the case!!! The Moroccan Mint Green tea makes me sooo happy. I am also in love with Kombucha, never heard of it? Well, it is a fermented tea that is known for its medicinal purposes, it is an acquired taste, but man my skin glows when I drink this stuff!

food.001Some pre-wedding eats:

In leu of pre-packaged dinners, I like to do all work at the beginning of the week. I make a whole box of whole-wheat couscous cooked in chicken broth. I buy a bag of steam in the microwave broccoli, I squeeze half a lemon and add some lemon pepper seasoning. Then I grill up some chicken seasoned with lemon pepper. Finally, I cut up the chicken and mix with equal parts broccoli, I add a cup of couscous and bam! yummy meal ready in a sec. I separate them into plastic containers and have lunch for a week. This can be done in a whole load of variations, for the week before the wedding omit the broc and exchange it for roasted red peppers, red onions, and mushrooms, replace the lemon pepper with salt and pepper and a touch of rosemary.

I love fish, so grilling a piece of salmon or halibut with lemon, extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkle with dried thyme, salt and pepper. Serve with sautéed baby spinach and a cup of quinoa cooked in low-sodium chicken broth. quick and tasty.

I am also a huge fan of tofu, when cooked right it is delicious. And a quick stir-fry is a healthy and fast way to cook it. First, I cube a block of extra firm tofu into the suggested serving amount. I add a teaspoon of sesame oil to a non-stick pan and cook the tofu until it is brown and crispy on all sides. When that is finished I remove the tofu and add another tablespoon of sesame oil, and add a plethora of my favorite veggies sprinkled with a pinch of salt and pepper, I cook until soft, but still with a crunch. I add the tofu back and add a few tablespoons of oyster sauce. I serve with a cup of brown rice, dunnso! Oyster sauce is available on the ethnic food aisle with the soy sauce, it is super tasty and low in calories, it can have a high sodium count around 492 milligrams in a single serving, so just use enough to coat everything in the pan.

So I found that the best way for me to stay slim and get all of the energy I needed before my wedding was to get a monster smoothie with tons of protein. It worked! I was full and full of energy without any of the bloat...I did have to pee a lot...a lot, a lot, totally worth it! Man, I felt skinny.

Now this was a breezy description of a really complicated world. I could get into the glycemic index and calories from fat and all of that nonsense, but in the end it boils to down being smart. And these diets are not just here to make you look good...stick to a healthy eating plan and you will be surprised how nasty you feel when you give in to temptation, but don’t feel bad if you do. Beating yourself up does you no good :) Another piece of advice, use your resources, Shape and Self magazine both have amazing websites with tons of FREE recipes, workouts, and newsletters. Did I get carried away? I LOVE DIETS!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and remember that looking good and feeling good is within your reach, but don’t let the diet rule your life. The wedding is the most important part. That was far too sentimental, let’s try again...

Until we meet again, stay bridal and don’t get too skinny for your wedding...when’s the last time you said, “hey Lindsay Lohan looks great!” boney is never in style.


My go-to Diet books: The South Beach Diet, The Makers Diet, The Detox Diet, The 5-Factor Diet. I also love Jillian Michael’s book “Winning by Losing” it’s a great mix of scary “Biggest Loser” Jillian and a nice-level head trainer/nutritionist.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Best of Wedding Day Beauty. Part 4

So I have hair that is reminiscent of a rabid poodle so hair products are very important in my life. All of the products I have listed are amazing and must haves for everyone! Now, I have been touchy about trying products right before your big day, but generally not much harm could be done trying on the safe side...try it ahead of time.

hair.001 Hair:

Best Shampoo & Conditioner: L’Oreal Everpure Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner is the bomb diggity. I love this stuff, plus it’s cheap!!!!! Not only does my hair feel soft and smooth it smells out of this world!!!! Rosemary, Juniper, and Mint, yummo! And on top of that, it is exactly what it says...pure. No sulfates, 100% Vegan and it’s still an awesome product. I swear, I prefer this to any super expensive, fancy shampoo/conditioner I have ever tried. On top of all of this it is color safe because let’s face it nobody has the hair color they were born with...

Best HairSpray: Pantane Pro-V Ultimate Texture Hair spray has done me just fine...I have used this bargain buy for as long as I can remember. I use it on stage to hold my hair through a performance under some crazy hot lights or whenever I need just a little bit of hold. It never makes my hair look stiff, but simply keeps things put and it helps me deal with horrid Southern humidity.

Best Curly Haired Products: Prive Curl Activating Creme is the bees knees! My rockstar of a sister-in-law introduced me to this stuff and get out! My curls have never looked better...I really do nothing, pump this into your hand comb it through your damp hair and bam. It is really that easy. I have used tons of products to try and tame my curls, this is the best.

Best Anti-Frizz Product: Bumble Defrizz is such a classic product and when you have the frizzy Italian monstrosity that is my hair defrizz isn’t so much a must have, but rather an necessity. I can’t go anywhere without this stuff. Now the reason this wins out over cheaper options is the grease factor, like any defrizz you only need a little dab, but this product never weighs your hair down and you never look like a grease monkey, just perfectly put together.

Best Styling Tool, Straight: Original Chi Flat Iron is as far as I can tell the most user friendly flat iron out there. Really what you are looking for is heat and the Chi has that. The slim ceramic plates heat and cool quickly, and they get hot...really, really hot. When I use the Chi my hair never looks fried or dry, always sleek and shiny. A few user tips, always have some type of product in your hair before you straighten, I like Redken Straight, then start from the underneath using small sections of hair. Sure it takes longer, but the result is much smoother and even.

Best Styling Tool, Curling Iron: Revlon Perfect Heat 3/4” curling iron is my sexy hair friend. When I am aching for Kate Hudson curls I go to this thing. It rocks! I bought it at Target for 15 bucks and I have definitely gotten my monies worth. I wrap one inch sections around the curling iron starting at nose level. I think that this would help you make the perfect beach wedding hair.

Stay Bridal and Beautiful.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Best of Wedding Day Beauty. Part 3

This is my favorite of the favorites! MAKEUP! Who doesn’t love makeup?!? I love all of my makeup, but I really feel that these are my can’t live without choices. And I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but DON’T try any of these products for the first time on your wedding day! It would really be a shame to breakout into hives because of who knows what!?!

yay, makeup.001Makeup:

Best Lip Stick: Mac Matte Lipstick, now I rock this in Russian Red, but all of the stunning colors apply flawlessly and I love the matte texture, super high fashion!!! All of their lipsticks are great and they offer sooooo many colors that it’s just like a kid in a candy store. These lipsticks are great because they really moisturize and never dry out your lips like some can.

Best Foundation: Bare Escentuals Powder Foundation with spf 15. I know that this is super popular among the housewives of America, but seriously I can’t find one better. I had a delightful college roommate who worked for the company, who stocked me with about a billion samples, and I haven’t used anything different in years. I have tried various liquid foundations to no avail, I always breakout. So I am sticking to this stuff, plus, I am in love with Leslie Bloggett...the true infomercialists will now what I’m talking about.

I am also a fan of Smashbox’s Halo Powder Foundation, but have not used it on a weekly basis, so when I do I will report again.

Best Tinted Moisturizer: Laura Mercier or Laura Mercier Oil-Free. Now I was very skeptical about this stuff, but it really rocks. It gives a wonderful light coverage with a little bit of sun protection and can be layered super easily for a more full coverage. It never looks cakey and really evens out your skin tone. I use this and throw a quick dusting of Bare Escentuals foundation on top for a more matte look.

Best Bronzer: Benefit Hoola, this color some how looks good on everyone! It’s a miracle, it bronzes the most olive of skin, with just as much ease as the fairest. Please don’t use the brush that comes with it, which in all honesty is complete crap. Get a fluffy angled blush brush.

Best Blush: Nars Blush is amazing, mostly because of the color selection, it has to be said that orgasim is the best cheek color ever invented. Like my favorite bronzer, this color looks amazing on all skin tones! It is the prettiest color, I love to swipe it on my finger then my lips, then follow with a touch of clear chapstick. This stuff is brilliant and it lasts’s like the never ending blush compact.

Best Lip Gloss: Shiseido, The Makeup Lip Gloss, is by far the best lipgloss I have ever purchased and you are talking to the girl that may or may not have over 50 lip glosses to her name at this very moment...that is actually kind of embarrassing seeing it written out like that. I use petal pink and it just makes my lips luscious and shiny, no stickiness, no funky lip gloss lines once it starts to wear off, this stuff is just awesome. I would recommend this stuff to anyone, it really is the best I have ever tried, trust me.

Best Mascara:regular/waterproof Shu Uemera Basic mascara is the greatest stuff on the planet, it is super natural looking and really makes your lashes look full and long without any clumping. I wear this stuff on a daily basis. Bobbi Brown No Smudge mascara is super dramatic and fully immune to any of your dramatic tearful moments. I wore this on my wedding day and trust me it worked...I cried a lot...happy tears of course. It does the same as the Shu Uemera, but is waterproof and adds a thickening quality that is just stunning. I love both of these because there are no gimmicks, no silly wands or promises of J.Lo eyelashes, just beautiful, soft brushes and wonderful formulas.

Stay Bridal and Beautiful.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Real Savannah Wedding-Meredith and Brandon Part 2-Reception

Meredith And Brandon

So after a long weekend break….I wanted to bring you the long awaited reception of Meredith and Brandon at Black Creek Golf Club. With 300+ guests, we had to utilize various areas of the country club. After taking a look at the cart barn, we realized this was going to be the perfect blank canvas we needed to really showcase the luxurious pink and orange decor, draping and detailed lighting for the dancing and main festivities to take place.  Long rectangular tables decorated with pink satin linens and an orange runner down the center to break up the pink added some more color and visual appeal. Three 4 foot tall vases with large pomander balls of pink, green and orange carnations, pink and orange gerbera daisies were spaced evenly along the table, short similar arrangements with roses and carnations filled the middle spaces, along with votives and unique caged candle holders that Meredith found at Pier 1. The cocktail and highboy tables were draped with the orange satin linens and featured one to two gerbera daisies and plenty of votives for additional ambient lighting. Paper lanterns, lots up and spot lighting in pinks and oranges really made this space show its true potential. The couples wedding monogram in a wedding gobo highlighted the dance floor. Guest’s favors were personalized heart shaped cookies from Savannah’s famous Two Smart Cookies. The wedding cake featured their wedding monogram and mocked some of the floral designs that adorned their save the dates and wedding invitations. Not to mention, one of the largest grooms cakes I have ever seen, was Brandon’s marlin. It was literally the size of a 4 foot long table! And because the transformation was so amazing, we wanted to show you a before and after picture of the cart barn below:

Before Picture of the Black Creek Country Club Cart BarnBefore Cart Barn Picture

AND…….AFTER we got our creative hands on it! After Picture-Pink and Orange Reception Custom Wedding Gobo   Long Wedding table decor  Long Pink and Orange Wedding TablesPink and Orange Wedding Reception  Paper Lantern Walkway  Two Smark Cookies Wedding Favors  Grooms Fish Cake  First DancePink Ribbon Wedding CakePink wedding lightingOrange and Pink Wedding Lighting  Tall Lush Arrangments Black Creek golf course wedding Orange and Pink Paper Lanterns Pink and Orange LightingSavananh Night Golf Course WeddingAnd what a way to end the night!!! 

Friday, September 4, 2009

How to look perfect in your wedding dress, thanks to all kinds of glorious undergarments.


Now I love underpants, bras, panties...all of it. It’s fun to wear cute little matchy-matchy sets, but they are also super important to looking slim and perky in all the right places. It’s not exactly rocket science, but wearing the incorrect undergarment can really transform your body and make your body look fierce under that dress. The only thing, well, I can’t guarantee that these under-whatnots are going to be sexy, so you are definitely going to want to invest in some post wedding sexiness...just saying...

 undergarments.003 If you are rocking a ball gown, then as far as I am concerned you are going to have the most comfortable undergarments. The underwear are not even an issue, rock some cute boy shorts, or whatever undies you are comfy in. as for the top depending on the shape of the bodice the best bra would be a seamless long line bra, if it looks like a corset don’t buy it! Those lines show through and are not made as well. Spend the extra money on a seamless. Now in some cases if the bodice is too tight that isn’t going to work because you can see the seems through the gown. In this case tough, you are going to have to either embrace a pair of Spanx or any control top underpants and if I were you, I would have the bra cups sewn in. That is true for all styles, if possible have the bra sewn in, it will cost about the same as the bra, but will be much more comfortable.

undergarments.001Now if you are wearing anything slinky made with thin fabrics you are going to need to make friends with Spanx. These things are amazing, every little bump and roll is flattened out and super smooth. When wearing fabrics like chiffon or charmeuse...I don’t care if you are a stick figure, shapes some how emerge when wearing this super beautiful, super unflattering fabrics you will need a body shaper underneath. 

undergarments.002If you are rocking a mermaid style gown, any shaper that goes to the knee is going to help smooth you out. The type that rise up to the bra line are going to be the best because mermaid style gowns will most definitely show seem lines underneath. You could wear a nice strapless bra, but seriously have the cups sewn in because it is near impossible to find a bra that you don’t have to keep pulling up...with that said, if your gown is tailored impeccably you won’t have to.

If your girls get separate seats when you are flying, then it is all about support! And even if you have a tiny bosom, if you are wearing straps you are a lucky girl because really you just have to find a perfect bra, add a pair of Spanx and you are ready to go. Spanx has an amazing bra that beats back bulge. Perfectly smooth, just how we like it!!!

Keep all bridal lingerie in neutral colors, buff, beige, and if your dress is made out of a super thick fabric, white is acceptable. Also, I swear I don’t work for Spanx, I just happen to love all of their products, I love mine!!!! They make me feel supermodel skinny and I just think that everyone should feel like that, especially on their wedding day!!!! Yummy Tummy and Dr. Rey also make fantastic options. I like Le Mystere and Felina for long line seamless bras, I know that Le Mystere is pricey, but trust me this thing is awesome.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and make sure to wear the proper’ll thank me later.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Real Savannah Wedding- Meredith and Brandon Part 1-Ceremony

golf course wedding 

On August 1st Meredith and Brandon, high school sweethearts,  got married after almost 2 years of planning! Meredith has a love of all things bright and beautifully lush. Her vision for the wedding included flowers and decor in bright pinks and oranges with a dramatic twist. The ceremony took place in their local church in Pembroke, GA with 300 of their family and friends filling the pews to witness this amazing couple exchange their vows. We created a custom logo for Meredith and Brandon and used it throughout the wedding. Meredith even tried her hand at a custom aisle runner and I have to say, it was one of the best I have seen. She even added some fabric to the sides to add a little more personality and color to the ceremony. I love the way we set up the bridal party (staggered on the steps). But where Meredith and Brandon wanted the flare for the dramatic, was at the reception. Wait until you see this event! We even took a before and after picture because you wouldn't believe it, if you didn't see it yourself! TWO WORDS- CART BARN. (And yes I mean a golf cart barn) WOW….

Watching Meredith walk into a room was breath-taking. As you can see, she is an amazingly beautiful young woman and she truly looked like a fairytale bride on her wedding day. The smile on Brandon’s face the minute Meredith walked down the aisle with her father, said it all. Allison Reisz Photography did a knock out job capturing each and every smile, detail and moment that will tell Meredith and Brandon’s story for years to come! Meredith and Brandon, it was an honor to share in your planning and most importantly your amazing day.


 Rose BoutWedding Pew Marker

rose petal aisleCeremony Alter Arrangments Custom Wedding Aisle Runner Savannah Wedding CeremonyPink and Orange BouquetRose petal filled vases and floating candlesWedding Program        pink bridesmaid dresses  Wedding Gown