Thursday, June 4, 2009

Floral Design Ideas for Kristen!

As part of our new look…we are going for some new ideas to post……so I thought we would start to share our initial thoughts on each of our wedding’s design process.

First up, Kristen, our April 24th bride. She is coming into town this weekend and we are starting her design process with this:

She has chosen a great pallet of colors. Jewel tones of deep purple and pinks with accents of turquoise. We are going for lots of mood lighting and fun ways to dress the tables with fabulous linens! her latest love…anemones! We are going to accent with great vases, napkins, paper products (menu cards, place cards, etc) and let the flowers and the linens do the purple and pink talk! Simple bohemian flare is our ultimate goal! I cant wait to dive further in with Kristen! It is going to be amazing! kristen1



  1. It IS going to be amazing. SHE is amazing and so is Larry. Kristen is my very amazing and wonderful daughter.

  2. Kristen is so excited about her board! It is so helpful when talking to vendors-really great for visualizing the overall look of the day!

    Love, Amber